Think Local First Radio Interviews Foxxr President Brian Childers

Think Local First Radio

If it were an ideal world of SEO, we would own the secret algorithm from Google. But that is not the case. It’s a full-time job to learn SEO. It’s also another full-time job to implement it.

-Brian Childers

In an interview with Think Local First Radio, Brian Childers explains why having excellent web design and content can make the difference for small business owners. Think Local First radio is a radio program whose aim is to empower and promote local businesses. During their interview, Brian Childers explains how small businesses can maximize their online marketing efforts for maximum returns. Brian Childers is the President and owner of


Currently, there are 28 million small businesses in the United States compared to just a thousand big businesses. They might not look like it but a lot of these small businesses are struggling. Most of the time, it’s not a case of a bad service or product but oftentimes it’s the lack of knowledge in the modern methods of marketing. One such issue would be small business who are not implementing a good online marketing campaign. In 2014, it is said that over half of the small businesses in the country don’t even have their own website.

In the interview, Brian explains the basics of search engine optimization, Local SEO, the importance of web design, and some tips on how to optimize an already published website. Furthermore, Brian gives his two-cents on why Local SEO is important for small businesses who wants fast and reliable Online marketing strategies.

Here are some questions from the interview:

How did Foxxr start?

Foxxr is a web design and marketing agency. Our emphasis is Lecal SEO. We started in 2008. We had an office next to Gil’s Bakery. It was a pretty rough start. We have built a couple of hundred sites over the years. We also host a live Capitola surf and beach cams which is hosted in our website

What is Local SEO

Local SEO is a process of optimizing for search results relevant to a searcher’s location. So if you are from Capitola and you search for “barber shop” in Google then it will show the nearest barber shops in Capitola.

Talk about website re-design. Who can benefit and why?

Old websites  have lot of bugs and they give poor user experience. While doing the re-design we make the website responsive and easy to navigate. While doing the redesign we make sure that our user don’ t face any kind of issues with the site. So, ultimately it’ s the user/visitor who gets the benefit out of it.

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Brian Childers

Brian Childers is the Founder & CEO of Foxxr Digital Marketing, based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Childers leads a team of digital marketing experts with specialties in; Web Design, Local & National SEO, Paid Search Management, Link Building, Content Marketing, and Social Media to help clients attract an insane amount leads and revenue. Follow Brian on Twitter