Content Marketing

Telling Stories to Build Trust and Rapport

Content Marketing

Publish What Your Clients Want to Hear

We are storytellers. We create content, record podcasts, and shoot videos that your customers want to read, listen to, and watch.

Your buyers don’t want more ads; they will skip. You cannot email or text spam; your content audience will block you. Your audience is made up of clients who want to be entertained and educated. Social content marketing gives them what they are looking for.

Be Credible When Reaching out to New Customers

Trust is a bigger factor than the price for online buyers, according to an analysis of 20.8 million shoppers and 894,400 transactions.

Ads and sales pitches, whatever the media, can nudge someone who is already considering doing business with you to close the deal. Clients who are aware of your brand and its worth can appreciate a discount offer from you. But those who have never purchased from you may not.

Marketing content helps breaks the ice. It makes a great first impression. Imagine spreading the word about your brand without sounding salesy and still managing to showcase your expertise. Content marketers pull this off by caring about your customers.

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Content Marketing:
Show That You Care

In a world where your competitors are just a click away, having world-class products is not enough. To thrive in the market, you have to be caring towards your customers.

Let’s assume that you sell books. How will you convince someone to buy from you instead of Amazon or Barnes & Noble? A discount can help. Free delivery can help. But none will come closer to the exposure and respect you will get if you were to interview the author or write a book review.

A lot of customers want to read reviews and learn something about the author before making a purchase. Creating informational content for your audiences and sharing it multiple times on social media can be an effective strategy to reach out to your customers. Your interviews and reviews can attract the right people and eventually prompt them to buy from your brand.

Many Benefits of Content Marketing

A buyer’s journey is divided into four stages in traditional marketing:

  1. Awareness: Buyers learn about your brand.
  2. Research: Buyers consider potential solutions to their problems.
  3. Consideration: Your brand makes it into the list a buyer will pay for.
  4. Buy: You make a sale.

Content marketing is at its best in stages one and two.

content marketing benefits

Benefits of Content Marketing

Increased Brand Awareness

Educational or humorous content gives your customers something to talk about and pass recommendations. That’s free marketing.

Increased Website Traffic

Creating great content on a regular basis will bring people to your website, where they can explore your business and buy something from you.

Solid Brand Building

Improved SEO

More Conversions

Content Marketing With Foxxr Digital Marketing

Content marketing is less about words on screen and more about storytelling. Our clients say that no one tells stories like us.

Foxxr Digital Marketing combines the power of video, audio, imagery, and text to create compelling stories that your audience will want more of.

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