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Publish What Your Audience Wants to Read

Content creation for SEO is an art and a science.

Foxxr will help you address the questions and concerns that your audience has related your products or services with unique, informative, and entertaining content. At the same time, we apply the science of on-page SEO to ensure your content ranks well on search engines.

Be Strategic and Credible About the Content Your Produce

Marketing content helps breaks the ice and makes a great first impression. Imagine spreading the word about your brand without sounding salesy and still managing to showcase your expertise. A strategic content marketing plan can pull this off through proper research and implementation of an SEO technique called silos.

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Publish With a Purpose

In short, each article we publish has a purpose to help targeted service pages rank through internal and external linking strategies.

Silo Strategy:

    • Publish great articles
    • Setup an internal link strategy to the targeted product/service page
    • Acquire quality external links
    • Watch Your product or service page get better rankings and traffic

Many Benefits of Content Marketing

A buyer’s journey is divided into four stages in traditional marketing:

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    Buyers learn about your brand.

  • Research icon


    Buyers consider potential solutions to their problems.

  • Consideration icon


    Your brand makes it into the list a buyer will pay for.

  • Buy icon


    You make a sale.

Content marketing is at its best in stages one and two.

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Benefits of Content Marketing

Increased Brand Awareness

Educational or humorous content gives your customers something to talk about and pass recommendations. That’s free marketing.

Increased Website Traffic

Creating great content on a regular basis will bring people to your website, where they can explore your business and buy something from you.

Solid Brand Building

Improved SEO

More Conversions

Content Marketing With Foxxr Digital Marketing

Content marketing is less about words on screen and more about storytelling. Our clients say that no one tells stories like us.

Foxxr Digital Marketing combines the power of video, audio, imagery, and text to create compelling stories that your audience will want more of.


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