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We are web designers. Our job is to add value to your brand with professional web design services. Through quality design, we will transform your website into an elegant sales machine that communicates your message and converts visitors into customers.

Get a Professional Design – Not Just a Pretty Face

Having a nice-looking website is important, but that’s not the be-all and end-all of professional website design.

Your competitors are just a click away. That makes it crucial for your business to have a professional website whose design is more than just skin deep. We can do that.

Half of the web users expect the website to load in less than two seconds.

Designing websites is a craft. They have to look good, load quickly and possess all the technical features your small business demands. Our designs engage visitors and encourage them to buy from you and come back to shop more. The results, as our clients tell us, are outstanding.

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Benefits of website redesign

Benefits of a Professionally Designed Responsive Website

A well-designed site is more than eye-candy; it has the technical infrastructure to be functional, and it solves a problem which can be educating your clients or increasing sales or both.

Improved SEO and Site Performance

Simplify the User Experience

Refocus Your Content Strategy

Give Your Site A Facelift

Offer Faster Load Speeds

Provide Up to Date Security

Is Your Website SEO Friendly?

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More Benefits

It Helps Your Customers Shop

A website is like a traditional brick-and-mortar store. You have to have your products arranged in neatly defined sections—books, electronics, apparel, and accessories. If your customers can’t find it, they will not buy it. Professional website design focuses on navigation; making it easier for buyers to shop.

It Builds Trust

Trust is a significant factor in online selling. A functional website that is easy to navigate and is pleasing to look at goes a long way in inspiring customers to trust you and take out their wallets to buy from you.

It’s Scalable, Like Your Business

It’s Secure

It Sells Your Products Anywhere, Anytime

Imagine catering to a client using her smartphone to shop from your online store at 2 a.m. A professionally designed website can handle that. It makes money for you even when you sleep.

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Affordable great looking websites

Get a Great Website Design at an Affordable Price!

We specialize in web design and development that represents your brand and conveys your message in the strongest way possible. The websites we build are customized to fit your business model and maximize sales.

At Foxxr Digital Marketing, we understand how vital budget considerations can be for organizations. We offer several affordable packages to help your organization get a website up and running without breaking your bank. For local businesses, there is no better web design agency in St. Petersburg than Foxxr Digital Marketing!

Advantages of Collaborating With Us

Team up with Foxxr Digital Marketing to get your business website up and running.
There are many benefits of partnering with us for your next web designing project.

  • Creative Designers

    Foxxr Digital Marketing’s designers have experience of working in many industry verticals. They can draw on their long experience to create uniquely powerful websites for you.

  • Quick Development

    Compared to 100% hand-coded websites, WordPress website design and development takes remarkably lesser time. Once the design has been finalized, the road to fruition is short.

  • Experience in Online Marketing

    We create websites from a marketer’s perspective. That means they are not just pretty, but incredibly easy to optimize for search engines and quickly adapt to other methods of online marketing.

  • Low Costs

    WordPress is open source. Many WordPress plugins and themes are available for use at no cost. Even the ones that are available for a price are affordable.

  • Total Control to You

    We understand that you will most likely want to update your website and post to your blog. WordPress is great for businesses, providing an easy-to-use interface for making website additions and changes.

  • Reliable Support

    We are confident of our technical capabilities and stand behind our work. Should you face an issue or want an upgrade, you can call us or email us, and we will be glad to assist you.

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Get a Website and Grow Your Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Your website is a data center for Google to understand who you are and what you do. Additionally, it serves to address the answers your website visitors are looking for. Design, content and technical requirements must be met to ensure your website is effective and serves its purpose for both organic search and paid advertisements. Our developers are on target with the latest practices and strategies for onpage optimization. From creating SEO-friendly URLs, to optimizing page titles, metas, title tags (h1s and h2s), images and multimedia, content and LSI keywords implementation, to responsive design, boosting site speed, proper internal linking, and finally effective use of social sharing.

We typically finish a project within 30-days and often times sooner. Our developers work fast and keep you in the loop at all times. From website architecture, content development to design and image selection, we provide a collaborative and transparent environment so there are no surprises along the way.

Since we incorporate best SEO and Onpage optimization strategies, the competitor research and website architecture is an important phase in the project. We find that putting the content plan in place before design accelerates the development process and the timely integration of these different phases of the project. Some clients prefer to produce their own content, which can be the most sensitive and time consuming stretch of the project. We do have a team of copywriters that will be able to produce content for your review and edits before it gets published on the website.

The choice is yours. Some clients choose to use their own hosting provider such as GoDaddy or Bluehost. We host most of our clients' websites on one of two dedicated servers we lease through WP Engine. They are the best in the industry for speed, security, and customer service. Whatever your choice, you will own the site once it's built and we will always be here for support, updates, improvements, etc.

A website launch sequence involves over 75 critical steps to meet all Google guidelines and ensure optimal exposure online.

Website redesigns can be a double-edged sword for SEO - done incorrectly, the results could mean disastrous consequences including significant drops in organic traffic. However, when done properly it has the potential to provide an added boost of authority and improved UX that ultimately leads to higher rankings.

They can:

  • improve SEO and site performance
  • simplify the user experience
  • refocus your content strategy
  • give your site a facelift
  • offer faster load speeds
  • provide up-to-date security

According to a 2020 survey, here are the top reasons for a website redesign:

  • low conversion rates (80.8%)
  • high bounce rates (65%)
  • needs better UX (61%)
  • not responsive on all devices (53.8%)
  • outdated website (38.5%)
  • not SEO-friendly (23.1%)

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