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Achieve Success Beyond Your Expectations

We are experts at bringing you customers so you can count on a regular, predictable, and growing income. Hire us to run results-driven ad campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook, and other digital platforms. Paid search campaigns achieve brand success, increase sales, and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Customer Acquisition
on Steroids

Your customers and competition are on Google’s search results and Facebook. Getting ahead of them in search engine results solely through SEO takes time; at least four to nine months for a new website.

Paid search brings more customers and revenue in less time.

Facebook and other social media platforms aren’t that different. Organic reach on Facebook could have declined to as low as 2 percent. For a business page with 100,000 followers, each published image, video, or post will only be seen by 2,000 people.

Paid search advertising—whether Google AdWords’ Pay-per-Click (PPC) or Facebook advertising—allows businesses to overcome the limits of organic search and reach out to potential buyers. It means top rank in Google Search or right into your customers Facebook Newsfeed. The results are several times quicker than non-paid methods of digital marketing.

However, speed is not the only reason both small and large businesses include paid search in their digital marketing.

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Benefits of Advertising on Google and Facebook

Advertising on search engines and social media is a proven strategy to build brand affinity, maximize revenues, and deliver targeted messages to your audience to drive results.

Businesses are aware of the power of paid search. It is one big reason the worldwide expenditure on paid search advertising is set to reach $92.4 billion in 2017.

Benefits of Paid Search Marketing

Immediate Results

It takes at least four to nine months for a new website to achieve any significant placement in search results or following on social media. That’s slow! Paid search can take your website to the top or increase following on social media in a much shorter span.

Steady Traffic

On a good day, you can receive 10X the average daily traffic or followers, and on a bad day only a fraction of your visitors will land on your website or follow you on social media. Google AdWords and Facebook advertising can keep the flow of traffic and followers more steady.

Prominent Place in Google Maps and Directories

Google Maps and other online directories are replacing Yellow Pages as the preferred method to find local businesses. Your local SEO services agency can turn your website into a highly-visible place in Google Maps; increasing the chances of new customers discovering you.

More Precise Advertising

With organic search, anyone searching with your keywords can click to your website. Or, anyone can Like or Follow you on social media. Paid ads allow you to be more precise in the choice of your audiences.

Controlled Budget

You are free to set your own budget when you advertise online. Your budget can be as little as $1 a day unlike advertising in traditional media, where high fixed budgets tend to be the norm.

As Simple as ABC

SEO is complicated. Google considers more than 200 factors before assigning a rank to a website. Organic reach on social media requires expertise to utilize to its fullest extent. Paid search is a hands-free approach. You can hire Foxxr Digital Marketing and let it do all the work while you relax see your revenue rise.

Foxxr Digital Marketing Makes Your Revenue Rise

Foxxr Digital Marketing is a PPC and Facebook advertising agency in St. Petersburg. We have spent years perfecting the art of determining audiences, creating targeted ads, and publishing them to the right people at the right time with the singular goal of achieving your goals.

You can continue to focus on your business while Foxxr Digital Marketing manages your paid search ads for you and customizes their placement. The agency uses high-tech, paid search marketing software to maximize lead creation and minimize cost.

Foxxr Digital Marketing gives you more leads per ad while reducing the per-click rate by an average of 25%.

  • Quality Leads for Your Business

    We run paid ad campaigns with the goal to produce real sales opportunities and customers. We work on goals that really matter to your business.

  • Custom Campaigns

    A cellphone user has different expectations from an ad than a desktop user. People in California and Texas don’t see the world in the same way. We customize campaigns based on a user’s location, device, and search path to drive bottom-line performance.

  • Focus on ROI

    Our ad campaigns will pay for themselves and generate a healthy profit for you. Our clients know that we work with the single-minded goal of maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

  • Efficient and Effective

    Our philosophy is: right message in front of right audience at the right time. We develop plans with a focus on achieving your acquisition goals. We proactively seek out more efficient and effective methods to optimize your budget.

  • Trusted by the Community

    We operate from a small community in St Petersburg, FL where businesses trust us. We have even been on local TV. You can read client testimonials to see how we are perceived in the local and international community.

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