12 web design trends for 2017 - foxxr capitola, ca

12 Web Design Trends for 2017

As we move toward the end of 2016, 2017 predictions for Web design trends are already appearing all over the Internet. In part, Web design trends in 2017 look to be a continuation and intensification of existing trends, but there are also many predicting reversals and corrections in certain aspects of Web design. In general,…
5 key points in web optimization

5 Key Points to Consider in Optimizing Your Web Page

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) In order for your business’ Website to even have an opportunity to make high-volume conversions, your Web pages will have to score high rankings on SERPs (search engine results pages) to ensure high “visibility” to the most relevant Web users. Optimizing Web pages for search results (SEO) requires a multifaceted…
Content marketing 2016 st. Petersburg

Is your Content Game Ready for 2016?

The first few days of the New Year is always fun. It’s a time when everybody can just brush the past year off and prepare for a brand-new one. The New Year is also a good time for businesses to check up on the past strategies to prepare a brand-new one (or maybe continue a…
Hiring local website designer in st. Petersburg

Should a Local Business Outsource or Hire a Local Website Designer?

They say that the New Year is always a good time to start anew. For many businesses, the New Year marks the start of new strategies and the perfect time for changes to be done. Lately, the Internet as a whole has undergone changes. For the ordinary folk, you might not be aware of these…
Why user experience is important on web design

Why User Experience is Important on Web Design

How many times have you landed on a website and instantly jumped due to slow load times, popups, confusing navigation, or the worst…..auto-play videos! I swear websites like these should be reported to the Internet police but then again, a lot of popular websites are guilty of this. Too many unnecessary features cause a detrimental…
When should you manage your online reputation

When Should You Manage Your Online Reputation?

In 2011, Urban Outfitters was hit with a social media storm when a Tumblr user who is also a seller on Etsy found out that a creation of her has been ripped off by Urban Outfitters. Albeit not being Urban Outfitter’s first case of gross disregard for intellectual property, this turned out to be one…

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