19 Best Chrome Browser Extensions for SEO & Marketers in 2022

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19 best chrome browser extensions for seo marketers in 2022

Figuring out SEO can sometimes feel like you’re trying to play an extremely complex game. There are so many different strategies out there – plus, Google changes the rules all the time. But did you know that you can access all kinds of resources, data, and tools while you browse?

If you’re like the 69% of internet users who primarily use Google Chrome as their preferred browser, you’ll be happy to know there are some pretty fantastic SEO Chrome extension options available.

Many of these tools promise to provide instant analysis, loads of data, and powerful SEO resources. But if you take a look online, you will see that there are literally thousands of SEO Chrome extensions on the Google store.

How are you ever supposed to find the ones that actually deliver results? We have narrowed down the list of our top 19 SEO Chrome extensions that our own marketing team uses every single day.

1. GMB Everywhere


Your GMB (Google My Business) account is crucial for ensuring that your company’s links show up on the SERPs. But managing your GMB can be tricky, especially if the information has changed or you’ve got several accounts for multiple locations.

GMB Everywhere helps you easily audit your account and analyze important details. With this extension, you can view all GMB pages and search results – including those of your competitors.

You can also see GMB categories directly on the map. When you go to Google Maps, GMB categories are highlighted on every business page and search result page by default. It also works on Google Map Local finder pages.

This means that you can turbocharge your Google Business listing, spy on your competitors, and get google business analytics to vastly improve your local SEO.

2. Open SEO Stats

Open seo stats

Another reason that SEO is so tricky is that there are so many metrics to track and analyze. Toggling back and forth between various pages on Google Analytics can be difficult.

Open SEO Stats (formerly PageRank Status) shows current web rank and SEO stats of individual web pages. You can also access backlinks, indexed pages, and more. Plus, this isn’t just Google information – you can also see stats from Yahoo, Bing, and even Amazon Alexa!

3. Grammarly


Content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand. Incorporating keywords into blog posts, webpages, and title tags is key to boosting rankings. But your content needs to appeal to readers, too.

When it comes to writing for your website, you need to consider the tone, style, and readability of your content. Grammarly is a fantastic tool that can help even novice writers create impressive content. This extension analyzes your text and highlights grammatical mistakes that spellcheck often misses.

But this tool goes a step further and acts like a real-life editor. It will offer suggestions to improve the tone and clarity of your writing. This makes it easier for readers (and Google bots) to understand.

4. Tag Assistant Legacy (By Google)

Web tags are inserted into the coding of each webpage and they allow search engines to categorize visitors. This allows you to track where your traffic is coming from, such as external links, Google searches, or paid ads.

Tag Assistant is an SEO Google extension that makes it easy to troubleshoot any issues or missing tags. It also integrates with Google Analytics and Tag Manager. You can quickly view all of your webpage tags and see if any errors need to be fixed.

5. BuiltWith

Builtwith chrome extension

Sometimes imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you come across other websites that are well-designed or have unique features you’d like to use, you can find out how the site was made with BuiltWith. This extension shows you exactly what technology and plugins a site is currently using.

While this may not sound like it is a direct SEO Chrome extension, we all know that the performance of a website can impact its ranking. By using this tool, you can find simple ways to improve your own website and add in new features which could help with your SEO.

6. Ahrefs Tool Bar

Ahrefs toolbar

Ahrefs is a classic SEO tool that marketers use for quick keyword research. But their Chrome extension makes it even easier to use as it gives on-page SEO reports. From here, you can see critical information such as:

  • Title and description
  • Headers and sub-headers
  • Index and crawl rating
  • Word count
  • Social tags
  • Localization

Note that you will need a paid subscription for Ahrefs to access this information.

7. Gmelius

Gmelius shared inbox conversation management

Lots of businesses run their company’s email network through Gmail. While it is a powerful platform, many marketers don’t realize how easy it is to integrate other popular tools and programs directly into their Gmail accounts.

Gmelius allows you to use your email account as a collaboration hub with popular project management tools like Slack and Trello. This means that you can send and receive notifications and messages in real-time just using your inbox.

Gmelius also improves functions of popular tools, allowing you to automate workflows, organize conversations through labels, and monitor team performance all in one place.

8. H-tag

H-tag chrome extension

H-tags are a key HTML element that helps web browsers format pages correctly. These are ranked from H1 through H6 in a top-down hierarchy. It’s quite easy to misplace or format these tags incorrectly, though – and this can hurt your SEO.

H-tag helps you visualize all of your page’s H-tags and alerts you to any issues, including privacy and security notices. This allows you to quickly check on the H-tag structure and make necessary adjustments.

9. Lighthouse

Air-labs lighthouse report

Conducting SEO audits of your website is often a grueling task. Thankfully, Lighthouse can make it easier. This is an automated Chrome SEO extension that provides reports on your webpage’s performance. It is an open-source, automated tool for improving the performance, quality, and correctness of your web apps.

You can see important metrics, such as accessibility rating, speed index, and overall SEO.

10. Loom

If you collaborate frequently with other team members and need to share instructions, notes, or ideas quickly, Loom is a fantastic tool to try. Through this extension, you can record your screen as well as a small window with your face and voice. This is ideal for recording onboarding videos, how-to’s, or even client resources.

You can also create a shared team library where you can share, access, and edit videos with ease. It is also designed to integrate with Slack, Gmail, Notion, Coda, Intercom, and Headway.

11. One Tab

One-tab chrome extension

If you’re like most marketers, you’ve got a million tabs open all at once that you navigate through daily. But having all of these tabs can slow down your computer due to the high memory usage required to keep each one running in the background. Or even worse, it could cause your browser to crash – and even lose the tabs you had opened.

One Tab helps to compile all of these tabs and reduces memory usage by up to 95%. This helps to reduce browser crashes and supports faster loading speeds. You can still toggle easily between all of your tabs, though – this extension will even compile them into a list for easy access.

12. Open Multiple URLs

Open multiple urls

If you’re in charge of checking multiple pages on a website for keyword audits or performance reports, it can be tricky to find all of the individual pages on your own. Open Multiple URLs is a great extension that opens up all URLs as individual tabs.

13. SEO Search Simulator

Seo search simulator

Local SEO adds additional challenges to any marketing strategy, especially if you are targeting several locations. While you may rank high for searches in one area, you could be struggling in others.

SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch is a fantastic SEO Chrome extension that helps you track your website’s rankings. You can replicate unbiased searches with location parameters to see how well your links truly rank.

14. NAP Hunter

N_a_p hunter

N.A.P. in SEO stands for name, address, and phone number. It’s an acronym for three of the most important elements to your site’s GMB and website info. You want to be absolutely sure that Google is reading this information correctly.

NAP Hunter hunts down all of the names, addresses, and phone numbers associated with your business on the internet so you can easily remove false or outdated information.

15. Check My Links

Check my links extension

Broken links can quickly knock down your ranking on the SERPs, so you need to locate and address these issues as soon as possible. Check My Links makes it super easy to do this in just a few clicks.

This extension will crawl through your entire website and notify you of the exact pages with issues. It will even generate a list of all your broken links that you can easily copy and paste for fast resolution.

16. Tube Buddy

You may not realize that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Approximately 3 billion searches are conducted through this site alone! So, if YouTube is part of your marketing plan, you need to incorporate keywords.

Tube Buddy helps you optimize video tags, titles, and descriptions so your content ranks high on YouTube searches. It also provides performance reports so you can easily track video performance.

17. Similar Sites

Similar sites chrome extension

If you need to conduct some competitor research or are just looking for inspiration, Similar Sites can be a valuable extension. This tool shows you a list of websites that have similarities to the one you are currently browsing.

This can be quite useful for product page SEO. You can check out similar products and see how they compare to your own. You’ll also see important metrics, such as monthly visits and category ranking numbers.

18. Keyword Surfer

Keyword surfer chrome extension

Trying to find new relevant keyword opportunities can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Lots of related keywords you get from suggestion tools are often way off the mark or they’re too close to ones you’re already targeting.

Keyword Surfer helps to weed out irrelevant options by giving you lots of related searches with SEO metrics to match.

19. Extensity

Extensity chrome extension

Obviously having lots of Google Chrome SEO extensions can be great – but you don’t necessarily want them all running at once. Extensity solves this problem by letting you view all of your active extensions so you can turn them on and off instantly.

Over to You

There’s no doubt about it – SEO is complicated. There are no clear-cut answers or rules to ensure that your website will rank high on the SERPs. But using valuable tools is one way to catch mistakes and optimize your online presence to support your site’s rankability.

These SEO Chrome extension tools are just a couple of resources Foxxr’s team utilizes to optimize our clients’ and our website. But we’ve got tons of resources, strategies, and experience when it comes to improving websites and building up their visibility.

If your website could use some SEO support or you need marketing services, contact our team at Foxxr today. We even offer free website and SEO audits to show you exactly how we can help. Learn more by contacting us online today!

First Published on: Aug 25, 2021

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

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