Foxxr Digital Marketing Referral Rewards Program

We Offer a 10% Finders Fee

for Each Referral That Becomes a Customer

We like to thank our customers for the spreading the word and trusting us to take care of those they are close to. A referral means a lot to us and tells us that our relationship is more than a “job well done”.  It shows the level of service and commitment we strive to deliver on all our projects for all our clients.

Here Is How It Works

We will send you an Amazon Gift Card for 10% of the total initial contract within five business days of signing and receiving a down payment from the new customer you referred.

Get $500! 

Referral Rewards 500

If your referral orders
$5,000 Web Project

Get $350!

Referral Rewards 350

If you referral orders
$3,500 Website Project

Get $250!

Referral Rewards 250

If your referral orders
$2,500 Website Project

Get $90!

Referral Rewards 90

If your referral orders
$900 SEO Plan