Online reputation management win reviews influence people

Online Reputation Management: How to Win Reviews and Influence People

July 22, 2022

Your online brand reputation is a beacon of trust for prospective customers. Most people find it easier to connect with businesses that come across as authentic and reliable. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 88% of consumers agreed that they went out of their way to choose brands they felt were more authentic and…

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7 clever ways to turn nearby now into a supercharged reputation builder

7 Clever Ways to Turn Nearby Now into a Supercharged Reputation Builder

March 25, 2021

People like local businesses – and in many cases, they need them. When pipes burst, homeowners pick up their phone and search “plumber near me.” When their computer dies and they need emergency tech repair, they specifically request help desks in their city. Need a clinic? You want one down the street, not in the…

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When should you manage your online reputation

When Should You Manage Your Online Reputation?

November 16, 2015

In 2011, Urban Outfitters was hit with a social media storm when a Tumblr user who is also a seller on Etsy found out that a creation of her has been ripped off by Urban Outfitters. Albeit not being Urban Outfitter’s first case of gross disregard for intellectual property, this turned out to be one…

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