What Are Local Links and How to Earn Them For Your Website

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What are local links and how to earn them for your website

Are you struggling to establish a strong online presence in the competitive digital landscape? Looking for effective strategies to boost your website’s local SEO?

In the competitive landscape of the digital world, a strong online presence is no longer optional. The quest for digital visibility places local link-building at the helm of successful SEO strategies. For businesses with a local focus, the power of local linking is a game-changer, offering the competitive edge needed to thrive online. Yet, misconceptions and complexities often cloud the understanding of local link building, dampening its potential benefits.

This article aims to demystify local linking, illuminating its integral role in enhancing local SEO. We will unveil actionable strategies to earn valuable local backlinks and robust practices to capitalize on the untapped power of local link building. Let’s explore how local link building can be the game-changer you need to thrive online!

What Are Local Links?

Local links, often referred to as local backlinks or geo-specific links, bear a distinct characteristic of being locally relevant, which sets them apart from other types of backlinks. According to Brightlocal, “The key thing with a local link is that it should come from a site that is location-specific to your own area of operation.”

While the sourcing of global or non-local backlinks is often a more common practice, local links hold unique significance, especially for businesses targeting local SEO. These geo-specific links signal to search engines that your website or business is relevant to a specific locale, thereby enhancing your visibility and rankings within that region.

What are local links - brightlocal

Unlike generic backlinks, local links can help a website carve a niche in the local digital landscape, making it more likely to appear in localized search results and attract locally focused traffic. As Neil Patel explains, “Link building for local SEO is a great way to build your brand’s visibility organically”.

Why Are Local Links Important?

Local links carry a myriad of benefits that are instrumental in enhancing online visibility in the local digital ecosystem. Here are some of the key advantages:

4 local links benefits
  1. Boost Local Search Rankings: Local links are powerful indicators to search engines that your business is relevant in a specific geographical area. This relevancy can significantly improve your website’s local search rankings.
  2. Drive Targeted Local Traffic: By appearing in localized search results, your website becomes more visible to the local audience who are actively seeking the products or services you offer. This drives high-quality, targeted traffic to your website.
  3. Build Trust and Authority Within the Local Community: Local links, especially those from authoritative local websites, can help build your brand’s credibility and establish trust within the local community.
  4. Enhance Visibility in Local Search Results: An increased number of local links can lead to higher visibility in local search results, making your website easily discoverable by users searching for local businesses.

How to Identify Quality Local Links

Identifying quality local links is a critical step in the journey towards robust local SEO. But what makes a local link “quality”? Here are the key factors to consider:

  1. Relevance: The subject matter of the linking website should closely relate to your business or industry. A highly relevant local site carries more weight, signaling to search engines that your content is valuable to that specific audience.
  2. Authority: The credibility and influence of the linking site matter. Links from high-authority sites demonstrate to search engines that your website is a trusted source of information.
  3. Trustworthiness: The reputation and standing of the site in the eyes of search engines are crucial. A backlink from a trustworthy site can significantly enhance your website’s reliability.

Things to Avoid

When it comes to local link building, it’s important to avoid the misconception of prioritizing quantity over quality. Instead, focus on these key points:

  1. Quality over Quantity: Garnering a large number of backlinks from low-quality, irrelevant sites can harm your SEO efforts.
  2. Say No to Paid Links: Avoid paying for links, as this is against Google’s guidelines and can lead to penalties.
  3. Build Relationships: Prioritize building relationships with reputable local sites.
  4. Create Valuable Content: Produce content that naturally attracts local links by providing value to your audience.

Remember, in local link building, quality always trumps quantity.

Strategies to Earn Local Links

Local link building strategies

1. Local Partnerships and Collaborations

One of the most effective strategies for earning local links involves establishing partnerships and collaborations with local businesses and organizations. By sponsoring or collaborating with local events or charities, a strong web of interconnected local links can be woven, amplifying the digital footprint within the community.

To discover local sponsorship opportunities, consider utilizing custom searches such as the following:

inurl:sponsors “City name”
intitle:sponsors “City name”
intext:sponsors “City name”

2. Local Content Creation

Publishing content pertinent to local news, events, or topics of interest can also drive local link building. Whether it’s blog posts, local case studies, or success stories, these content assets can appeal to the local audience, who are likely to link back to this information.

The example local blog below illustrates this strategy and attracts links from businesses in Sarasota, Florida:

Write local content

3. Local Directories and Citations

Another essential strategy is the use of local directories and citations. It is crucial to maintain consistency in the Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) across all listings. This not only aids in local link building but also enhances local search visibility.

Local citations and directories

4. Engaging in Local Community Events

Participation in local community events is a valuable strategy for local link building. Whether it’s hosting workshops, webinars, seminars, or joining local business associations or chambers of commerce, engaging in these activities can stimulate interest and encourage local linking.

5. Local PR and Media Outreach

Finally, forging relationships with local journalists and bloggers can be advantageous. Pitching newsworthy stories or insights about your business or industry can spark interest and earn valuable local links. All these strategies, when used effectively, can fuel a robust local link-building campaign.

6. Local Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are great as well. You know, you’re taking your team down to feed the homeless at the soup kitchen or anything like that or highway clean-ups. Things like that are awesome local link opportunities.

7. Local Business Associations

Local business associations are a cornerstone for community-focused businesses to build relationships and secure valuable local links, enhancing their online presence and local search engine rankings.

Leveraging GBP Optimization for Local Link Building

The number of “near me” searches has significantly increased in recent years, emphasizing the significance of your business’s location for search users. This is where leveraging Google Business Profile (GBP) optimization for local link building can immensely benefit your SEO efforts.

Google near me search suggestions

GBP is a powerful tool that local businesses can leverage to enhance their online presence and attract valuable local backlinks. By following this comprehensive guide, you can optimize your GBP profile and effectively utilize it for successful local link building endeavors.

Here are the key steps to maximize your GBP potential:

  1. Begin by claiming and verifying your business on your GBP. Provide accurate and complete information, including your business name, address, phone number, website URL, business hours, and a compelling business description. Incorporating relevant keywords in your description will further boost its visibility.
  2. Showcase your business with high-quality images, capturing the exterior, interior, products, and services. Visuals are key in attracting local backlinks and captivating potential customers.
  3. Actively encourage your customers to leave reviews on your GBP. Positive reviews not only enhance your local reputation but also increase the likelihood of obtaining quality backlinks from local websites.
  4. Regularly update your GBP with any changes to your business information, promotions, or upcoming events. Keeping your profile up-to-date significantly improves your chances of attracting local backlinks from credible sources.
  5. Ensure consistency in your business’s location and contact information across all online platforms, including your website, social media profiles, and local directories. Maintaining uniformity in NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) is crucial for attracting local backlinks.

By implementing these strategies, you can optimize your local map pack presence and capitalize on local link building opportunities effectively.

Monitoring and Measuring the Impact of Local Links

To effectively monitor and measure the impact of local links for a successful local SEO strategy, you can follow these steps and utilize the following tools:

  1. Use advanced analytics tools: Tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs provide valuable insights into the performance of local backlinks.
  2. Track link performance: Monitor metrics such as referral traffic, link authority, and local search rankings to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of acquired links.
  3. Evaluate link contribution: Analyze the impact of acquired links on local SEO efforts and determine their contribution towards driving optimal results.
  4. Refine strategies based on results: Utilize analytical insights to adjust and refine link-building strategies for improved performance.

By employing these steps and leveraging the power of analytics tools, businesses can maximize their local SEO potential and achieve desired outcomes.


Local links are a potent force in the realm of local SEO. Their ability to boost local search rankings, drive targeted local traffic, build trust and authority within the local community, and enhance visibility in local search results can truly set your business apart in the digital landscape. The journey towards effective local link building may seem daunting, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

If the task seems overwhelming, Foxxr is here to help! Our team of dedicated professionals specializes in link building and local SEO. We’re eager to assist you in building a robust local link portfolio to enhance your online presence and drive your business growth.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free demo or call (727) 379-2207. Let’s work together to take your local SEO to the next level!

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