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Did you know that on average, more than 95% of website visitors don’t convert into leads?

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Not Your Ordinary Live Chat

If you’re missing chances to talk to your website visitors, you’re missing out on revenue - no matter how polished or engaging your website might be.

That’s why we created our 24/7 live chat service that may increase your conversions by up to 40%. This isn’t like those bots you’ve had to deal with before. This is a real service that has the potential to double your conversions on your website, Google My Business, and Facebook.


Why is Chat Valuable?

42% of consumers would prefer to provide contact information via chat - the highest of any lead gen channel.
Chatters are 2.8x more likely to convert than other visitors.
53% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a business they can message directly.

Flexible Scripting

We are experts in converting website visitors into valuable leads for your business. Our agents use a custom script we create specifically for your business.

Our goal is to obtain contact information after asking and answering a few simple questions. Our questions and answers for each one of our clients are customized. Your script can be modified to make sure we are communicating with your customers the way you want us to.

Flexible scripting

Key Features

Exit intent popup

Exit Popup

Deliver pre-determined messages to the visitor. Exit-intent technology recognizes when visitors are leaving your website. A pop up will appear offering the visitor one more chance to chat before they leave.

Sms text to chat

SMS Text-to-Chat

Conduct chats with your mobile visitors via text. Prospects can begin SMS conversations with agents directly from your clients’ websites.

Call connect feature

Call Connect

What if a prospect decides they’re ready to speak with your business right now? With Call Connect, chat agents connect qualified prospects directly to your office phones from the chat window.


Google My Business Integration

Unlock the “Message” button inside Google Maps & Google Search to let customers interact with your business whenever they want, wherever they are. This feature turns your search queries into sales conversions by directly connecting with customers without needing to visit your website

Facebook integration

Facebook Integration

Amplify your Facebook presence & Ad campaigns. Integrate our software and service with your Messenger account to turn your Facebook pages into 24/7, qualified lead gen machines. This can also be combined with “Message Us” ads for more effective Facebook ad campaigns.

Pay Only for Performance

We charge only for actual leads delivered, where a lead is defined as someone who has visited your website, expressed an interest in your services, fits within your geographic coverage area, and has given our chat agent their contact information which immediately gets sent to you via email. We also have a feature that allows our agents to connect a website visitor directly to your office by phone during the days/hours you specify.

Only "Sales" leads are billable!

Key features

Sales (billable)

Someone we've chatted with where we've obtained their name and contact information (phone number and/or email address), they're interested in a service provided by the business, and they're within the geographic service area (if applicable).

Other (non-billable)

Someone looking for a service not offered or outside the coverage area, someone trying to sell the business something, someone looking for a job, etc.

Service (non-billable)

An existing client - they may be trying to reschedule an appointment, etc.

No Monthly Fees!

$150 for Setup & $15.00 per Billable Lead As Described Above

Optional features

Plus You Can Get These Optional Features

Exit Popup Engagement
Google My Business Integration
Facebook Messenger Integration

Each optional feature requires $30 setup fee


Live chat works so well, sometimes it can produce too many leads!

With that in mind, you can budget leads each month so you’re only billed for what you can afford.

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Schedule a Meeting With Our Live Chat Software Experts

It’s time to start meeting modern customer expectations with your own 24/7 live chat service. Let us show you how we can increase user satisfaction while boosting your conversion rates. With our help, you’ll never miss an important query again!