We Are Foxxr Digital Marketing. We Deliver Results!

Hey there! I'm Brian Childers, the founder and CEO of Foxxr Digital Marketing.

I'd like you to meet our team and what each of us does to push design, marketing, and technology to the limit.

Join me in keeping Foxxr running like a dream. As the driving force behind our operations, sales, and client communications, I'm committed to making sure that every cog in our machine is working smoothly. I take pride in supporting and inspiring the talented Foxxr team so they can always provide top-notch service to our valued clients. Let's work together to ensure our success!

Brian childers - foxxr digital marketing founder and ceo




Jeru Fonseca

SEO & Content Development
Say hello to Foxxr's Godfather of SEO! He's on a mission to make your website a lean, mean conversion machine. Jeru keeps up with the latest SEO trends and tricks to keep your readers hooked. Plus, he's a content creation whiz, working side-by-side with clients to hatch brilliant ideas, craft killer drafts, and sprinkle optimized images and links like fairy dust.

Mohsin Taufeeque

UI/UX & Web Developer
Get ready to meet your web wizard - Magic Mohsin! He's the master of all things website-related, is here to save the day. Not only can he fix issues and speed up your site, but he's also a pro at creating beautiful designs that make users swoon. Plus, he's a whiz with graphics and images – perfect for all your social media and ad campaign needs.

Jacob Kumar

Paid Advertising
Give way to Jacob, the Ad Lord who reigns supreme in the mystical world of virtual advertising. Google Ads? He's got that locked down like Fort Knox. Bing Ads? Child's play. Twitter Ads? Easy, like Sunday morning. LinkedIn Ads? A total walk in the park. With Jacob on your side, your brand will shine brighter than a diamond!

Matt Chauhan

Local SEO
Get ready for Matt, the master of local online presence! This guy is the real deal, managing everything from Google Business Profiles to vertical directories like a walk in the park. Matt ensures that your business info is spot-on and accurate and that your online presence is ignited with local SEO magic and listing management skills.

Ross Kumar

Analytics & Performance
Meet Ross, our Digital Marketing Sherlock Holmes! He's our go-to guy for sifting through websites and uncovering all the juicy data on our analytics dashboard. What's best? He's all about teamwork and making sure we're all in sync, and crushing our clients' goals like a champ.
Nixele adlaon

Nix Adlaon

Graphic Design & Video
Whether it's video, photo, or graphics, Nix is the editing sage you've been searching for! With his mastery of various styles and an instinct for what's hot, he's like a magician who can bring your creative vision to life. In the blink of an eye, he'll transform your content from dab to fab in no time!
Sarah childers

Sarah Childers

In our financial kingdom, Sarah sits upon the throne, guarding our financial well-being. She oversees every aspect, meticulously ensuring timely payments and keeping the taxman at bay. If our financial records were a house, Sarah would be its foundation, providing unwavering support and stability.

Kevin Svec

Lead Copywriter & Editor
Say goodbye to boring copy and hello to Kevin's enchanting wordsmithery! With his ninja editing skills, he ensures that every piece of writing follows proper grammar and brand guidelines. The result? Drool-worthy, high-quality copy that hits the spot that drive organic traffic and deliver formidable results!
Riley swanson

Riley Swanson

Content Writer
Aloha, y’all! My name is Riley Swanson, & I’ve been writing professionally for over a decade. My roots lie deep in the heart of Texas, but I’m lucky enough to call Maui, Hawaii, my current home base. Since 2017, I’ve dedicated my career to strategizing and creating engaging content for a wide variety of clients. My specialties lie in SEO, web copy, social media, and blog writing.
Allie morgan

Allie Morgan

Content Writer
Hi there! My name is Allie Morgan, and I've been working as a professional writer since 2021. I currently reside in San Diego, but I've had the privilege of living in many different places throughout my life - including Seattle, Miami, and Memphis. My passion for writing started at a young age, and I knew early on that it was something I wanted to pursue as a career. I specialize in blog writing, SEO, web copy, and social media content.

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