7 Types  of Social Media Posts to Accelerate Business Success

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7 types social media content business success

Social content is available in various shapes, sizes, and levels of interaction. For social media, visual, interactive, and entertainment content can provide the best form of results for a short span.

But you may be more interested in content strategy than just browsing and liking. It can bring real, tangible, and lasting results to your business.

In that case, you need to develop an effective social media strategy to get the right content mix. First, understand your target audience and their media consumption habits.

Certain content can increase your brand awareness or introduce your products to the audience. Other content is designed to persuade or inspire your audience to buy that product or do some other forms of customer interactions.

A good framework for defining content types for any goal is the Smart Insights which comprises a Content Marketing Matrix that defines the four core functions of content which include entertainment, inspiration, education, and shopping.

You may feel the need to add some great content types to your model and these contents are either co-generated content or user-generated content.

Which Content is Best For Your Business?

B2b content marketing success factors

Source: Content Marketing Institute

Creating inspiring and impressive content is very crucial to boost the success of any particular organization. It should be kept in mind that content plays a vital role in determining the success of your business. There are many parameters to determine the perfect content for your business. Based on a 2021 survey conducted by Content Marketing Institute, most b2b businesses reported that the top contributing factor that affected their business success in the last 12 months is the value their content provides (83%).

Maintaining a proper balance between the types of your content can be achieved with the help of a content calendar. It helps you organize the different types of content published for your business on different dates.

This helps in delivering perfect overall content. In order to use the various types of content on all social media, one needs to take the aid of multiple publication alternatives provided by the various social media platforms

There are different varieties of social media posts that have a phenomenal influence in boosting the success of a business. We must use these methods because they have shown significant results. Therefore, these methods are truly worth giving a try.

It is also very essential to understand the requirements of the audience. Study and analyze what your audience wants to see and what will help them to take the next necessary steps to become your customers.

1. Videos and Photos

Social media videos and photos

One of the most vital social media posts includes multimedia content like photos and videos. They are also among the most utilized content on social media platforms. This portion also plays a significant role in enhancing your business. However, it is crucial to use highly professional tools while taking photos because the quality of the photos uploaded matters.

It is also very essential to plan every post so that the post is perfect. While posting videos, one should make sure that the video is of good quality and is posted on many social media platforms consecutively.

2. Poll & Surveys

Oaklandraiders twitter poll

Source: Buffer.com

This is another creative way of interacting with the audience. These polls create awareness about your business and also pass vital information about your business plans. This is an exemplary way of connecting with the audience. This also helps to clear doubts regarding your business because you may connect with professional businessmen who will provide you with solutions for some complex problems.

It also provides a medium to discuss your business model with them. With the advancements in social media, one can customize the polls. It is quite simple to set a deadline for any pole and also restrict the number of answers. This is one of the most unique ways to hasten the growth of the business.

3. Live Videos

Facebook live with guest

Source: Facebook for Media

With the advancements in technology, this technique is also being used to speed up the growth of any concerned business. This technique completely tackles all barriers to communication with the audience.

With updated live video platforms one can easily choose from a variety of options available on social media. It surely enhances the reputation of the business. For small businesses, this technique is no less than a boon. It lays down the much-needed prototype for your business and builds a good image for your business in the eyes of the audience.

4. Products Previews and Teasers

This option gives you an opportunity to link the posts to your product pages so that the people who are interested can learn more about your products.. It enhances the user’s experience as they are left to do with a very short task.

If they are impressed with the product, they can buy it comfortably because of the link provided. The above-mentioned points help you in convincing the customer and this option assists in making the purchase.

5. Text-Based Instagram Posts

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Businesses should emphasize visual content, but they shouldn’t ignore the power of words, which is equally important. The most valuable type of content, according to nearly a third of marketers, is text. Written content can be a great way to start a conversation with a customer and learn more about them.

Content that is written requires the same level of care and attention as other content formats and creative elements do. Your written content will stand out from the crowded social chatter if you adopt a brand tone and voice that are consistent with your visual brand. If you’d like to communicate directly with your followers, text posts are the most effective method.

6. Infographics

Foxxr digital marketing infographic seo cost

Infographics are the most socially shared forms of content and they can be considered as a great way to present complex ideas into an easily digestible presentation. These types of posts are very popular on Pinterest. Infographics are best used in presenting sales results, market research, statistics, and other long-form content.

7.  User-Generated Content

It gives your followers a new perspective on your brand when you share user-generated content on your social media profiles. Surveys show that people trust the content of ordinary individuals over that of large corporations. So that you can post that content on social media, you may ask your buyers to share their experiences with your products and services.

A furniture store, for example, could ask its customers to send a picture of how their furniture is positioned in their homes. These pictures can then be shared on your social media profiles along with the buyer’s profile link to give other prospects an idea of how to use your products. As a result, other potential buyers will be more interested in your brand.


Your audience is made up of people like you and me who want to communicate on social media but on their terms. Unless it has a great story, you may not be interested in how to create a product.

It has been a long way to understand what content will resonate with the audience, but it is more important to understand the decision-making process and criteria for selecting suppliers.

Use the right triggers at the right time, stay connected, and stay relevant when users make decisions. Provide them with the information they need to help them make these decisions.

The key to success in the social media business is to get your audience excited about your terms, position you with the right content, prepare your product or service selection and make it easy to buy.

Focus on these aspects and you will be able to work on your business growth in the most convenient way. Business success depends on the efforts you put on into its growth.

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