Lessons from the Ant Hill

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If you spend more than 30% of your online time networking and browsing social media sites, you are not alone. I often spend time contributing and engaging with others that I have often never met. There must be a self-serving purpose to contribute our time, thoughts and energy to engage within these communities, right?

The more you contribute, the larger the nest will grow

Lessons from the Ant Hill

The theory of giving value first has been happening for millions of years and within the smallest life forms.

Ants, for example, actively support the ant hill as a group. Each ant knows that it has a specific task to do and that task doesn’t bring the ant any more food or any less food than any of the other ants. There is no hierarchy within the community determined by the tasks completed. The ant has an innate mission for the good of the hill.  The queen ant transmits messages to the community about the necessities for the nest and the ants operate intuitively for the good of the community. The more the nest grows, the better off the ants are.

It’s about community. The ants get it. They intuitively know that the more they contribute, the larger the nest is going to grow. The greater the nest becomes, the better their chance for survival. Unless we are just mouth breathers, we know what is intuitively right.

Share your passion

The benefit of sharing your experiences is that you get to see other people’s experiences.

It’s the difference between having a job and enjoying your work. The job is something we must do in exchange for money. Your work is something you are involved in, feel passionate about and enjoy. It often impacts the good of something greater than yourself, provides value for others and results in monetary rewards.

Get out of the me and into the we.  Learn from the ants and give value first.

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