Should a Local Business Outsource or Hire a Local Website Designer?

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Should a local business go outsource or hire a local website designer in st. Petersburg-

They say that the New Year is always a good time to start anew. For many businesses, the New Year marks the start of new strategies and the perfect time for changes to be done.

Lately, the Internet as a whole has undergone changes. For the ordinary folk, you might not be aware of these changes but your website might be suffering because of it. Not only do these redesigns give a breath of fresh air, but it also updates the brand’s website to reflect the latest best practices. But the question is, should you go with a freelancer from the other side of the world or is it better to hire a website designer in St. Petersburg where it’s nearer?

Before we go comparing the two, let’s just set a premise first. Let’s assume that both parties are equally good at what they do. We will discuss the pros and cons of hiring either, and we’ll see what is the better choice for you as a business.

Relatively Cheap Good Labor vs A Complete Service

They say that the main selling point of outsourced freelance web designers would definitely be their price. If you know where to look, you can find an overseas web designer who will ask less than 50% of the price of what a regular agency would ask from you. For a lot of business owners, this is the deal maker. But should you just base everything on the price alone?

A local website designer in St. Petersburg might charge you more than an outsourced freelance web designer but it’s for a good reason. More often than not, these local web designers offer a complete package that only a local correspondent can provide. Want to talk right away? Just give them a call. Want a sit-down meeting to discuss issues? Just set a time and date, and they will be there. The price tag that local web designers give you not only reflects the talent they are bringing to the table but also the level of service, they are willing to extend to the client. Sure, if you just have a small project that needs little to no correspondence, and you are a bit strapped in cash, and then maybe an outsourced party can take care of that for you. But if you need a person or team that will guide you from start to finish on what needs to be done, then looking for a website designer is St. Petersburg is your best bet.

Your Time or My Time?

This may not be true for all outsourced freelance web designers out there, but time is usually a concern when working with people from halfway around the world. While most freelance web designers don’t mind working at your time (which is usually night on their end), it becomes an issue when you need them right away for certain things like small changes.

While most local web designers in St. Petersburg have specific business hours, at least you know that you can text or email them at around 3 PM because you know it’s also 3 PM on their clock. This means that when you are hit with an idea, you can just shoot it right away to your local web designer, and they can act on it right away. You don’t have to wait for 12 midnight to shoot them a message on Skype because you know that’s the time they wake up.

A Wildcard or Somebody Who Truly Understands

There is an ongoing debate nowadays with regard to whether hiring an outsourced web developer can actually reflect the ideals and vision of a brand. The question stems from the fact that different places have different conventions or “inside information” that may seem farfetched or unimportant for somebody from a different place. For example, a client from Australia might find it hard to make a web designer from the Philippines understand their love of cricket because the game does not exist in the Philippines. On the other hand, an outsourced web developer can come up with pretty unique ideas as a result of a mix of 2 different ideologies or cultures. It may not work 100% of the time but the possibility of it being a great idea is always there.

When you hire a local web designer, they understand what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. If you come from the same city, you will have the same understanding of how everything works. As a result, they can come up with a plan or strategy that is not just effective but also necessary for you and your business. This is because they know where you are coming from and understand what you need to succeed as a business.

Hiring local website designer in st. Petersburg

Personally, I see nothing wrong with hiring an outsourced website designer. They are cheaper, and they can get the job done. But you also have to embrace the fact that they are from a different country and from a different time zone. This may result in delayed projects brought about by misunderstandings and differences in work times. If you think, you can get over those drawbacks, and then an outsourced freelance web designer might just work for you.

On the contrary, a local website designer in St. Petersburg might cost you more money, but you will have nothing of the possible problems that can arise from hiring an outsourced freelance web designer. They can also provide possibly the most appropriate plan for you as a local business because they know exactly what you need. Another good thing about hiring a local website designer in St. Petersburg is that you can contact them anytime something comes up and you know they will be there ready to help you out.

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