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We design and distribute beautiful emails. Our email marketing campaigns solve real business problems, make your readers happy, and generate positive emotional responses from your audiences. Partner with us for the creation, running, and management of frustration-free email marketing campaigns. We will build subscriber lists, write and design email copies, set up email blasts, and analyze the campaigns to snowball lead generation over time.

Quick and Easy Setup

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How Our Service Works


Starting out, we pull your branding from the social media profile you select into an editable, mobile-friendly template.


Once you’re happy with your newsletter, connect your Email Service Provider account and choose the list you want to send to. Send your newsletter immediately, or schedule it for a more opportune time in the future.


From there, you can re-order the content, remove posts that are no longer relevant, and edit the snippets for each post. You can also add new posts simply by pasting their address.


Then, sit back, relax, and figure out what to do with the extra hours you used to spend putting your newsletter together–most of our customers take less than 10 minutes to send their newsletter from start to finish!

Feature Highlights

Automatic Branding from Your Website and Social Media

Inline Editing of the Entire Newsletter

Drag-and-Drop Content Selection

Paste Additional Articles & Content Sources in One Click

Inline Editing of the Entire Newsletter

Bonus Time-Savers to Make Email Marketing Even Easier

Email Marketing Is a Proven Method to Achieve Business Goals

Email is a powerful engagement tool for businesses. When it comes to acquiring new customers, email marketing is 40X more effective than Facebook or Twitter.

Email marketing is 40X more effective in customer acquisition than Facebook or Twitter campaigns.

Despite being old, email is not obsolete. It generates the highest return on investment (ROI) for one out of four companies. And 73 percent of firms say email marketing is a core part of their business efforts. Whether you need to sell your products, promote your service, or share a big news story, you will find an email marketing campaign to suit your message.

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Large and Small Businesses Love Email Marketing

Email marketing is extremely powerful and simple. It encourages two-way communication, attracts new customers, and deepens relationships between your business and your existing clients.

Become an Email Marketing Hero With Foxxr Digital Marketing

Email marketing is more than writing a sales copy and pressing Send. It takes time to analyze your audience and craft copies that win hearts and bring sales. Here at Foxxr Digital Marketing, we are obsessed with creating and distributing high ROI emails that will out-perform your most marketing channels.

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  • Responsive Designs

    We create emails that address the specific needs of your audience. Our focus is on analyzing past user activity to segment your customers and send relevant messages to each of them.

  • Precise Campaigns

    We create emails that address the specific needs of your audience. Our focus is on analyzing past user activity to segment your customers and send relevant messages to each of them.

  • Campaigns for Your Goals

    Not every company is identical. We create campaigns to match your business goals; be it list size, click-
    through rate, active and inactive user rate, or something entirely custom.
  • Singular Focus on ROI

    The success of a campaign depends on how much returns it creates for your business. We create ROI-focused campaigns.

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