11 Digital Marketing Trends You Can No Longer Ignore in 2019

11 digital marketing trends you canno longer ignore in 2019

Digital marketing has created a buzz in the market. With innovative technology and strategic planning, the business world is now focusing on covering the huge chunk of new potential customers in the market. It has become an indispensable tool in the hands of a marketer to promote its brand’s objectives and lend it visibility.

Social media is experiencing advancements on a larger scale and with the development of mobile marketing; the scope of Digital marketing has touched new horizons. So, to stay updated with the latest trends, you need to know the trends that are going to help your business in 2019.

There are no second thoughts while talking about the competition in 2019. The marketing professionals need to know that the latest marketing trends and the Digital Marketing Courses are the best options for enhancing the knowledge of the marketing professionals.

Once your marketing strategists are ready, your business can conquer the targets set for the complete year. Digital marketing trends often change, though not often, to fetch better and more appropriate results. With the innovative approach towards technology, the marketers try to bring their business in search engine results.

The role of digital marketing is to make it easy and straightforward for the customer to get him exactly what he wants. So, here are some of the trends to look forward to in 2019 to give a kick-start to the year.

1. Live Video Streaming


Live video streaming is getting a great response these days. People love to watch videos, and there is an excellent opportunity for the business to create a live feed of their products and services. Consumers tend to look for different areas that entertain them and are also resourceful. So, it’s quite handy for a business to invest in video streaming.

2. Make Your ‘Content’ Your USP (Unique Selling Policy)

The demand for high-quality content still prevails in the market. With the introduction of many advanced methods and ideas, the quality of content still makes all the difference. When the content stands out in terms of ideas and quality, it ensures that it engages and influences the readers completely.


3. The Era of Artificial Intelligence

The involvement of Artificial intelligence in the marketing industry has brought a revolutionary change. It has created a powerful impact on the world with the help of smart learning. Now machine learning has reached its advanced level now we don’t need to teach machines about complex tasks such as image recognition or text translation. This advancement in both practice, as well as theory, has made machine learning possible. Adopting AI in 2019  will help the business to grow its market and reduce the costs.


4. The Cool and Convenient Chatbots


Businesses that put chatbots instead of human customer service representatives in front of their customers have a good reason for doing so. Chatbots work on AI  and more than capable of giving every customer what they want a direct answer to their question. As a businessman, you must know that customers hate to wait, and in order to attend their queries on time, you need to have Chatbots!


5. The Idea is to Personalize

Personalizing your marketing strategy is the key to stand-out in 2019. You can focus on your content, products, emails, and more. In order to trigger customer relationships, it is mandatory to personalize your stuff. It will create a positive image in front of your existing customers and also attract more potential buyers.


6. Voice Search – The New way of Interaction

Voice search

The innovation has gone up to its pinnacle, and certain things have impressed us all in recent times. As per research conducted by Northstar, 55% of the teens utilize voice search on a regular basis, and 56% of adults actually enjoy using voice-based search. It is not only fun but convenient as well.


7. The Concept of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketingPhoto by: Origin PC

People love celebrities and follow what they do or say. So, it’s quite relevant that you must use influencers for effective marketing. It can be anyone from celebrities, popular Instagram accounts, and YouTube channels with millions of subscribers; you can advertise your product on a large scale if these influencers spread the word for your product through social media.


8. The Power of Social Media

The power of social media

Billions of people are using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and many other social media platforms.  You can use these social messaging platforms to advertise your business. After the introduction of Smartphones to the masses, it has become much more comfortable to connect globally with the customers. For instance, 2 Billion people are on Facebook, more than 50 billion messages are sent via Whatsapp every day, and Instagram is getting closer to 1 billion users.


9. Make Your Customers Search with the Help of Images

Visual search

Visual Search is also becoming a popular trend these days. People search with the help of photographs. It takes the user experience to an entirely new level by allowing the users to conduct a search by uploading a picture of the required thing and getting more specific results. Platforms such as Pinterest are a great example of the Visual search engine.


10. Share Your Story


In order to create brand awareness, the Short Stories on Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms are a great way. It is getting popular, and as a marketer, it’s your duty to engage your customers with the help of exciting short stories and live videos.


11. Advertising

Banner ads, Pop-ups, annoying brand messages are age-old now and falling out of the flavor. Today, the audience doesn’t want to get annoyed as corporate torture is enough to do the job. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest are stressed about entertaining the people in a sassy, smart, and relevant way so why business owners should nag behind.

As a client, an individual desire to learn about new things, and images and videos assist the purpose well. Additionally, they are easy to save and share with others.

So, follow these trends and make your business rank top among the search engines.