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Get Your Brand in Front of the Right Customers

At Foxxr, we’re here to put your St. Pete brand directly in front of internet searchers. Our team provides transparent search engine optimization services - we’ll direct your ideal customers straight to your website.

Let Us Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Rank

Bolstering your search engine rankings means adopting a multi-faceted approach. It involves:

Using the right keywords effectively

Providing rich, worthwhile content for search engine “crawlers”

Adding appropriate titles and headings for pages Implementing code that adds description and detail

Implementing code that adds description and detail for search engines to use

Coming up with a great SEO strategy takes a lot of organization and planning. That’s something we are experts at. But the rewards for implementing a well thought-out marketing plan are immense for your business.

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Never underestimate the power of search engines

Never Underestimate the Power of Search Engines

A staggering 92 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine - typically Google.

If you want your brand’s digital marketing campaigns and web design to pay off, you need to focus on search engine optimization. Otherwise, your page will likely wind up lost amongst the weeds of results, fighting millions of other websites for attention – and revenue.

Why Should You Even Bother About SEO?

SEO is a low cost way to build your brand and increase sales online. It is also long-term. A well-optimized website can retain its top rank for years. Here are more reasons to optimize your website for search engines:

More Visitors

Plain and simple. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines are the largest source of website traffic. They bring a lot of business to our clients. You can capitalize on this marketing channel with SEO.

Increased Revenues

Strong rankings in Google and other search engines help guide new traffic to your website. If you provide quality services (or products) and the content on your website is compelling, you can count on converting many of the new visitors into customers.

Low Cost Marketing

Increased Offline Sales

Deeper Customer Trust

Free Marketing, Forever

Dominate the Web With Foxxr Digital Marketing’s SEO Services in St. Petersburg

Be successful in today's marketplace with effective internet marketing. Whether you are one of the biggest companies in the world or a little boutique down the street, engaging customers on the web is the key to thrive and grow.

SEO has many faces: websites, blogs, email campaigns and newsletters, and social media. The list of ways to engage current and potential customers through organic search is growing every day. It’s high time you team up with an SEO services company to utilize these tools because they are critical to the success of your business.

Our Process for Boosting Your Online Presence

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Conduct a Site Audit

When we partner with any client, we begin the SEO process by auditing all of their web pages. Our in-depth review identifies problem areas and opportunities for growth. The Foxxr team will compile a list of notes and suggestions, then present them in an easily understandable format.

Research the Most Valuable Keywords

Once we have your site analysis in hand, we begin our keyword research. Our goal is to identify keywords that will drive traffic (and conversions) to your site and build authority within your industry. We will use these keywords to build new content, as well as optimize your existing pages.

Target On-Site SEO

Content Creation and Marketing

Link Building

Continual Analysis and Optimization

Why Opt for Professional SEO Services?

You’ve got countless things on your plate. Let us simplify your to-do list. You focus on running your business while we handle the ins and outs of SEO.

Our SEO specialists live and breathe algorithms and Google updates. We will help you cut through the competition more effectively. Time is of the essence, and you need a leading SEO company that knows its stuff.

That’s us! We want to help small and local businesses grow — and that is why we offer several affordable SEO packages.

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Why Choose Foxxr for Custom SEO Help?

We aren’t like most SEO strategists out there.

All of our services are custom-crafted for your specific needs. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches or vague promises. At Foxxr, we’re 100% transparent with all clients from the get-go. We’ll effectively communicate our goals and keep you up-to-date with frequent reporting as we tackle your project.

With us, you can expect:

More website visitors from search engines

Increased revenue as you experience more traffic

Cost-effective marketing strategies

More foot traffic (in your physical stores)

Our track record of success stories isn’t the only indicator of our credibility. Talk to us to learn exactly how we approach different SEO challenges - and how we’d handle yours.

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SEO Plans to Fit Your Budget

Being a small business in St. Petersburg, we understand the concerns of the budget when it comes to marketing your organization on the web. We want to help small and local businesses grow — and that is why we offer several affordable seo packages.

We Deliver Results

Our experts will help build your brand and deliver consistent leads with affordable, contract-free SEO pricing packages!

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*for the past 12 months
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*for the past 12 months
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Active SEO Clients
Years in Digital Marketing

FAQs About Our St. Petersburg SEO Services

The SEO cost depends on a variety of factors. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with our team so we can get the full picture of your requirements, then plan a targeted approach that meets your needs and budget.

 In our local SEO packages, we offer:

  • Complete project setup
  • Directory management
  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Link building
  • Paid search marketing
  • All-in-one reporting dashboard

Foxxr’s SEO team will analyze your current online presence and strategy, then suggest a package that perfectly fits your requirements.

Optimizing your website for search engines brings in more traffic. It also increases your lead conversions and gets your brand placed in prominent directories - places like Google Maps. It’s a relatively low-cost strategy that drives maximum impact for your revenue. More eyes on your products result in a better chance to turn a high profit.

Blogging is an excellent way to target keywords, improve visibility, and build links. Additionally, running a company blog provides more materials for search engines to index. We’ll create fresh SEO-friendly content for your blog that keeps you current in your industry and increases your website traffic.

This answer can vary greatly depending on your goals and needs. We encourage our clients to think long-term. The results you get after six months will only increase once you reach a year of search engine optimization.

The short answer is yes, our search engine optimization tactics work to improve your presence on many search engines, not just Google. We pay attention to all search results, including those on Yahoo, Bing, and even industry-specific search engines.

Website redesigns can be a double-edged sword for SEO - done incorrectly, the results could mean disastrous consequences including significant drops in organic traffic. However, when done properly it has the potential to provide an added boost of authority and improved UX that ultimately leads to higher rankings.

They can:

  • improve SEO and site performance
  • simplify the user experience
  • refocus your content strategy
  • give your site a facelift
  • offer faster load speeds
  • provide up-to-date security

According to a 2020 survey, here are the top reasons for a website redesign:

  • low conversion rates (80.8%)
  • high bounce rates (65%)
  • needs better UX (61%)
  • not responsive on all devices (53.8%)
  • outdated website (38.5%)
  • not SEO-friendly (23.1%)

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