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Why Should I Post on Google My Business?

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In the month of March 2017, Google introduced a new feature in the GMB Dashboard for businesses. Known as Google My Business Posts or GMB Posts, they are almost like Mini-Ads for your Brand, products, or services. Google offers a variety of posts you can create to promote your business like What’s New, Events, Offers, and Products along with CTA’s (Call To Action) so you can better control what the visitor does after they view your post.

Google offers a customized Google My Business Marketing Kit for your business that includes free posters, Social Posts and more from your Business Profile on Google. You can use these materials for GMB Posting. We like the idea of highlighting Business Reviews in an image and use them as Google Posts. The other things you can post about are Appointment Booking, Promotions/Coupons, Seasonal promotions, and Badges/awards.

If you are thinking about the impact of doing Google Posts on your Keyword rankings, here is your answer. Yes, posting on Google do have a mild impact on ranking.