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How Does Copywriting Work?

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We outsource our copywriting to select writing service partners to attract the best and most diverse talent at affordable rates.

We produce two main types of articles – pillar articles and topic clusters

A 3000-word pillar article costs $200. A 1000-word topic cluster article costs $75.

A lot of research and preparation is done for each article. Here are the steps involved from cradle to grave:

  1. Select money keywords of the project and utilize our topic research tools to find relevant topics to send to the client for review
  2. Once the client decides on a topic, we generate an SEO Content Template with specific details for the writer such as writing tone, related articles, semantically related keywords to include, topic length, etc.
  3. The written draft of the article is sent to the client in a collaborative Google doc for edits and approval
  4. Final approval is sent to the design team for publication draft in which they: create supporting images, set author and category, optimize for keyword, title, and meta, add relevant tags, style with subheadings, bulleted/numbered lists, perform internal linking, external linking, call to actions where appropriate, etc.
  5. A publication draft with images is sent to the client for approval.
  6. The article is published, indexed with search engines, syndicated and shared via social media, and promoted via paid search.