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How to Add Photos to Google My Business Listing?

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Users take into consideration so many things about your business before they choose to visit or use your services. One of them is Authenticity. People want a real feel for your business. So, how do you do that? Just go to your Google My Business Dashboard and add various photos of your business/facility. It is recommended to upload a variety of images like Exterior Shots, Interior Photos, Snaps of Staff, and Picture of Products.

Gone are the days when you did not have control of what picture of your business Google shows in the Search Results. You can now just login into your Google My Business Dashboard and set a Cover and Profile Pic of your choice and control how Google Shows you in front of its users when they search for your business.

When adding photos to Google My Business, they are supposed to have minimum dimensions of 720×720 px. Currently, the GMB dashboard does not give you an error message if you upload something smaller than that; the photo doesn’t show. If you’re noticing pictures not showing on your listing, first check to make sure your photo is at least 720×720. If you consistently face the same issue, reach out to Google My Business Support via their Twitter or Facebook to get a permanent resolution.