3 Things to Consider Before Your Next Website Redesign

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2015 was the year of everything avocado, 3D-Printing, and the Internet of Things. This coming 2016, it will be all about Interactive Content, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. Even in the world of web design, trends change fast. There was a time when page by page pop-ups were the rave, but now they are treated as the plague in modern web design standards. Aside from its fast pace, there are also multiple trends that can appear at any given time.

For this year, card-style interfaces, animated user interface elements, and videos as website headers will start the trend with a focus on customer engagement. To help you out, here are 2 things you should consider before implementing a new web design trend in 2016.

Align with Your Website Goals

A website is created for a purpose. It can be to get more people to recognize your product or to get your brand message seen by more prospective customers. Depending on your goal in mind, various trends can be applicable for a website redesign. Before undergoing a website redesign, you must always have clear sight of your website goals

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Take this example from https://dvdesignstudios.com/. You can clearly see that the main purpose of the home page is to showcase the work of the studio. They are using a very minimalistic design, so there will be no distractions on the page. The home page also offers a wide array of methods to contact the business which is the next logical step for clients who are amazed by their work.

Understand Your Target Market

Basic user experience knowledge tells us that we need to think about who the website is catering to in order to ensure the best conversion rates.

Club-Ed Website Redesign

If Club Ed, a Surf School in Santa Cruz, decides to use hero video headers for their website redesign they have to think about their target market. In paper, it does sound like a good thing considering the target demographic of a surf school may like the idea of watching video of people shred on their surfboards. But you should consider the fact that putting a hero video header may increase load time which may not be good people who are not that patient. In cases like this, a split test may be necessary to see which option offers conversion rates.

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Design Trends

Just like buying newest gadgets, the latest toys, or the most-recent apps, the idea of adopting a new trend can be very exciting. Still, you need to understand that they have their own pros and cons. Having an expert web designer assisting you can be a very great start. With a professional web designer, they can help you identify the positives and negatives of a specific web design trend. This way, you can minimize the negative effect while amplifying the positives.

Consider Hiring a Pro

A website redesign can be a positive thing for your business, but make sure you are not blindly jumping into it. Hiring an experienced website designer to help you out is a smart decision. A professional website designer in Santa Cruz  (like Foxxr) can help you pick the best platform, theme, plugins and design for your website. It’s your portal to the world that will help strengthen your brand and drive online traffic!

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