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Foxxr Digital Marketing Rolls Out Ad Hoc Website Changes & Repair Service

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Foxxr rollsout ad hoc website changes & repair service - st petersburg fl

In an effort to better serve local businesses and clients not participating in Foxxr Digital Marketing’s monthly SEO plans, we created a new department for quick website fixes, repairs, and maintenance.

Our new team of highly skilled developers typically turns around requests in 3-10 business days at a very affordable rate of $75 per hour.

Whether you need speed improvements, aesthetic improvements, or theme upgrades, we can handle your request in a timely matter.

As WordPress evolves and rolls out updates, plugins and themes must also be updated. This can sometimes cause performance issues that need to be addressed. Get your fixes done fast and problem-free with Foxxr Digital Marketing’s Ad Hoc Services. Save time and hassle so you can focus on what you do best, running your business.

Some of our typical requests include:

  • Mobile site optimization
  • Site speed improvement
  • Website revamp/redesign
  • Blog posting and promotion
  • Banner, poster, and flyer design
  • Image replacement and optimization
  • Website navigation update
  • WordPress debugging and fixing
  • Performance (plugin) optimization
  • Theme upgrade
  • Web server migration
  • SSL setup and configuration
  • Domain DNS update and subdomain setup
  • Page content and style update
  • Menu update (for restaurant websites)
  • Third-party app integration
  • Third-party API integration

Click here to place your order, email or call 727-379-2207.

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