The Best Schema Plugins for WordPress

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The best schema plugins for wordpress

In today’s online world, search engine website rankings aren’t all about beautiful web designs and catchy headlines. The structure of your site, along with its valuable content, is enormously influential in your ability to rank highly in Google’s SERPs. Your website’s organization, along with its context, is key.

This brings us to the topic of “schemas.”

  •  What are they?
  •  Why exactly do you need to add them to your WordPress site?
  •  Why are there more and more plugins related to schema markups?

Today, we want to answer these questions, as well as offer interested readers a list of the top ten best schema plugins on the market.

What Are Schema Markups (Rich Snippets)?

Before we dive into the best plugins, let’s talk a little bit about what schema markups are and how they influence your website or product’s SEO rankings.

Think about when you search for a product on Google.

Your search doesn’t just bring up links to buy whatever item you want – it also includes additional, relevant information that could influence your buying decision.

Barbie dreamhouse google search snippet

Take a look at the example above. You don’t just get links to websites selling the “Barbie Dreamhouse.” Google also provides ratings, numbers of reviews, prices, etc. All of these might be valuable pieces of data that help you make a buying decision.

These little tidbits of information are “rich snippets,” the product of schema markups in your coding.

Google doesn’t just pull rich snippets from anywhere – you can implement them on your own site to boost your website rankings in Google’s search engine results. That’s where these plugins come into play.

In a way, your schema markup is your business’s calling card. It says, “Hello! Google! Here’s what I’m all about – and why you should rank my website higher in pertinent search result indexes.”

Think about it this way. Without rich snippets, Google knows less about the context of your listing. A rating, price, and review section on a toy’s listing indicates to Google what kind of product it is, and therefore encourages it to include the page in search results.

With a schema plugin, you can implement the correct vocabulary/context within your page’s embedded data structure. Let us explain.

What Are Schema Plugins?

First, let us remind you of something: Google wants its SERPs to make sense.

Its priority is to provide relevant, orderly, easy-to-understand search results for all of its users. The links it includes (and the order it uses) all play a role in this organizational objective.

With this in mind, know that Google wants your website to be as orderly as its own system. Everything from your phone number to your content needs to be laid out properly so its crawlers can easily understand what they’re looking at.

Google carousel examples

Here’s how carousels can look in google search when you add carousel markup in combination with a supported content type.

As capable as these search engine crawlers are, they’re not perfect. Sometimes, they mistake a price for a zipcode or a phone number for a set of reviews. That’s what Schema plugins help with.

In the simplest of terms, schema markups serve as a map for web crawlers. They give your website (and product listings) context. When you use a great plugin on your WordPress site, you ensure that your schema is properly labeling and tagging the various parts of your website for Google and other search engines.

If you’re not an expert coder, ready to implement your own schema markup codes and spend hours on the task, a schema plugin is a great route to take. It simplifies the process while also ensuring that Google gets everything it needs from your website to generate rich snippets and rank your website.

Not sure where to start on your hunt through the most essential schema plugins? Take a look at the list below, which includes ten of the most popular and effective options for WordPress sites.

1. Schema Pro

Wp schema pro

The first plugin on our list is arguably the most popular amongst all WordPress site owners – and for good reason. Schema Pro has a wide range of excellent features that are high in quality and thoroughly supported by expert developers. The plugin is user-friendly, but at the same time, it does its job with precision and success.

With Schema Pro, you receive markup automation services, as well as highly optimized coding and support for JSON-LD, custom fields, and general plugin help. The plugin assists with a large number of schema types, so whether it’s a homepage or a product listing, you’ll get the proper results.

One of the best parts of Schema Pro is its speed. Within a matter of clicks and a few minutes, you can easily set up all of the markup configurations you need for your pages and posts. If you’re looking to stop wasting time and get results now, this plugin is a superb choice.

“I have used every Schema Plugin for WordPress over the last few years, hundreds of dollars invested, and Schema Pro blows them all out of the water. It’s the only schema plugin you need.”

Adam Preiser –

How Much Does It Cost?

Schema Pro starts at $79 but is currently available for a discounted price of $63. You may have seen a free version on WordPress, but this isn’t the same product and lacks some of the updates and improvements.


Who Should Use This Plugin?

Schema Pro is an excellent fit for WordPress users that want simplicity and advanced features. The plugin makes it easy to map existing content and offers a variety of other customization options. Many experts refer to it as the “go-to” schema plugin, and we have to agree.


2. WP Review Pro

Wp reviews pro

Our second greatest option comes from MyThemeShop. WP Review is hands down one of the best choices for websites that focus predominantly on reviews. If you want to show off outstanding testimonials from clients in rich snippets, this is an awesome plugin.

Keep in mind that using this plugin won’t just help with your Google rich snippets. You can also set your app up to include Yelp, Facebook, and WooCommerce features.

With support for up to 19 different types of rich snippets, as well as various kinds of rating systems and WordPress themes, pretty much anyone can use this plugin for their purposes. It’s automatically set up to work with Google Places Reviews, which means in just a short amount of time, you’ll get the review features you want on Google.

“Tinkering with plugins and scripts to get your blog to work right on other devices is such a hassle. It’s nice to have things that just plain work and MyThemeShop’s themes do.”

Ronald Bien – Nadz Graphics

How Much Does It Cost?

If you want all of this schema plugin’s features, you’ll need to purchase the pro version ($99 for one site, $197 for three, and $99 for as many sites as you want). However, there is also a free version on WordPress if you want to give it a try.


Who Should Use This Plugin?

WP Review Pro is the plugin of choice for sites that are review heavy. You’ll love this plugin if you’re looking for various ways to include and map ratings, as well as include lengthy reviews in different formats.


3. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate blocks

Next on our list is a plugin from the ever-popular Gutenberg Blocks. If you’re already using Gutenberg Editor on your WordPress site, Ultimate Blocks extends the application’s ability by allowing you to produce better content and target three different types of schemas.

With this plugin, you can tackle review boxes, FAQ schemas, and “HowTo” schemas. It makes it simple to add attractive review boxes to your WordPress pages and posts, as well as edit these reviews for clarity. As you add elements to your site, Ultimate Blocks uses optimized code to maintain fast loading speeds.

Toggle different “blocks” to get the exact look and capabilities you want. Add everything from star ratings to progress bars, share buttons, and more.

“Ultimate Blocks is one of my favorite plugins for Gutenberg. I install it on every site I build.”

Adam Connell – Blogging Wizard

How Much Does It Cost?

The plugin is free to download, so if you’re looking to test drive, go right ahead. See how Ultimate Blocks can maximize your use of the Gutenberg Editor plugin.


Who Should Use This Plugin?

You should definitely give this plugin a try if you’re already using (and liking) Gutenberg Editor. Ultimate Blocks makes it easy to add extra functionalities and enhance SEO features.


4. WP Product Review

Wp product review lite

Take a look at WP Product Review, designed by ThemeIsle. It’s the best choice by far for Amazon affiliates looking to create/alter their rich snippets on Google. The plugin automatically integrates with Amazon and provides excellent review templates. Add widgets for the latest products, highlight user-generated reviews, and get 24/7 support for your affiliate buttons.

There are three review card templates to choose from, so you can select your type of rating, product image, pros and cons lists, etc. You can also import information directly from Amazon – cutting down on your to-do list as an affiliate.

“I love ThemeIsle because they offer great support, they’re always there to assist you and always solving whatever issue arises. I can’t imagine asking for anything more from these people. All I need is already given.”

Soledad Manzi – Dr Breitfeld

How Much Does It Cost?

WP Product Review Lite is the free version – you can do basic things like change colors on reviews and collect testimonials. The paid version of WP Product Review, with all of the bells and whistles, starts at $59 per year.


Who Should Use This Plugin?

If you’re an Amazon affiliate, this is the schema plugin for you. You won’t find another option that makes customization and rating as simple for your specific goals.


5. All in One Schema Rich Snippets


All in one schema rich snippets

All in One Schema Rich Snippets, by Brainstorm Force (the same creator as the number one plugin on this list), is an open-source plugin that offers support for eight different schema types. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require you to code anything. Just set it up and configure it to your preferences, then voila – it’s time to add schema markups.

Unlike some of the other schema plugins we’ve talked about, this one doesn’t add your schema markups automatically, though. You’ll need to do it manually with the meta box.

One of the big benefits of All in One Schema Rich Snippets is that it works really well with other SEO plugins, including Yoast SEO, SEO Framework, SEO Press, etc.

“If Google or schema updates anything…these guys are on it! Fast response if you’re having issues as well.”

All in One Schema Rich Snippets review

How Much Does It Cost?

All in One Schema Rich Snippets one of the top free schema plugins out there. There’s really no downside to giving it a try, especially if you’re on a tight budget.


Who Should Use This Plugin?

This app is simple – but that’s a good thing for users who want a straightforward schema markup aid. It supports every major schema type, but it doesn’t have any unnecessary frills.


6. Schema.PressSchema press


If you’re a fan of simplicity, this might be the plugin or you. Just set Schema up, optimize it for the right settings, and leave it to do its thing. There’s even a Quick Setup Wizard to make things as simple as possible.

The Schema plugin supports a variety of rich snippets, including reviews, recipes, articles, products, persons, etc. All you have to do is fill in a few simple fields and the plugins will take care of the rest. Schema Press also supports many other popular SEO plugins and themes, so there’s no need to work around them.

“Love this plugin. I’ll be using it on all my sites from now on. I tried a different plugin that is really complicated, requires 2 different plugins and I still got a whole lot of errors and warnings. This one, out of the box – NO errors, NO warnings. Just straight out easy and awesome. Totally does what it says and does it really easy, too.”

Go Viral WP Review

How Much Does It Cost?

There are a premium version and a regular version of the Schema plugin. The regular version is free but doesn’t provide some features like one-on-one email support. The premium version gives you access to all of the services and starts at $49.50 for a yearly personal pass, then goes up to $249.50 for the “all-access” pass.


Who Should Use This Plugin?

WordPress users often choose Schema.Press because it works well with Yoast SEO, a commonly used search engine optimization plugin. It also integrates well with The Seo Framework, Accelerated Mobile Pages, and many other plugins.


7. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

Schema & structured data for wp & amp


This plugin targets more than 35 schema types, including web pages, blog posts, recipes, articles, and local businesses. The developers even boast that if there’s a kind of schema that isn’t addressed, you can request it and they’ll add the schema.

Like others on this list, the Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP plugin generates schema markups easily. The premium version also assists with reviews, rating boxes, pro and con charts, and 24/7 support.

“I am using the free version for Product Schema. First of all, the support was very responsive and helpful. I tried several plugins – this is by far the best. You can customize your schema with input from additional plugins (Brands, GTIN, etc.), or overwrite existing values.”

Yavuzc on WordPress

How Much Does It Cost?

The free version of the Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP plugin offers many great features, but if you want the full suite of options, you’ll need to pay $59 monthly, $149 quarterly, or $359 annually. You can also select a one-time fixed cost for $399 and receive premium services indefinitely.


Who Should Use This Plugin?

The Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP plugin is a good choice if you know exactly what you need. The extensions business model allows you to purchase features separately, which is helpful if you don’t want to pay for all of the features that come with the pro version.


8. WPSSO Core

Wpsso core

This is actually an SEO plugin, but an advanced one that gives you access to meta tag and schema markup capabilities. So, if you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone, WPSSO Core might be worth looking into.

This plugin automatically generates meta tags and schema markups from your existing content. It also supports amp WordPress plugins and multi-sites. With minimal effort on your part, the plugin provides complete, accurate information to search engines, as well as social media platforms and messaging apps.

People tend to praise WPSSO Core because there’s no need to manually enter descriptions, titles, etc. It will automatically read and pull your WordPress content – which makes your life quite a bit easier.

“This plugin saves me so much time, and it has really lifted my SERP rankings. Most of my keywords I now rank 1-3 position. I also noticed after about a week that my impressions have gone up at least 75%. I upgraded to the pro version which gave me even more options.”

Play N Stocks on WordPress

How Much Does It Cost?

Although you can download this plugin for free, pricing for the premium version begins at $59 per month for one site license.


Who Should Use This Plugin?

Overall, this plugin is the best fit for people prioritizing third-party plugin and platform integrations. WPSSO Core makes it easy to markup your content on Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and just about any other application you use.


9. Schema App Structured Data


Schema app

Second, to last on our list, we have the Schema App Structured Data plugin. This one helps generate and customize schema markups for basic data, as well as integrate WooCommerce and Wiki data features. It provides review widgets, video snippets for YouTube, and even custom field mapping.

By just installing the free version, the plugin will automatically add basic rich snippets to your posts, pages, categories, and tags. If you add the paid version, you’ll also add rich snippets based on different schema types (review, services, contact, etc.).

The Schema App Structured Data plugin also provides access to all three features of Google Site Structure, including Breadcrumbs, Sitelinks Searchbox, and Your Site Name in Results. It automatically deploys custom content, which generates higher traffic and click-through rates.

“There are several dedicated plugins that you can use. In my opinion, the best is Schema App Structured Data.”

Neil Patel’s Blog on Structured Data

How Much Does It Cost?

The Schema App Structured Data is free to download. However, there is also a premium plan option that starts at $30 per month. This goes into effect after the two-week free trial.


Who Should Use This Plugin?

We highly recommend this plugin to readers who are looking for a free option that includes some “premium” features. Even if you don’t ever switch to the paid plan, you’ll be able to automatically add basic rich snippets to your content.


10. WP Rich Snippets


Wp rich snippets

Finally, there’s WP Rich Snippets – a premium plugin that comes with several optional extensions and some of the best support around. The plugin marks up the content, enhances the search experience with rich snippets, and makes setup in general quite easy.

With this tool, you can target different schema types, translate reviews into different languages, and rate/review content with a variety of different methods. Whether you’re going for star ratings or lengthy testimonials, WP Rich Snippets can help.

“I’ve seen this plugin develop at an extreme pace. It’s hard to imagine how you managed to build this so fast, roll out new features while supporting existing customers. It’s impressive, to say the least! And the best part is that your plugin helps my reviews stand out and convert…”

Adam Connell – WP Superstars

How Much Does It Cost?

There are four different plans you can choose between for the WP Rich Snippets plugin: personal ($29 for one license), plus ($99 for three licenses), professional ($199 for unlimited licenses), or ultimate ($399 for unlimited licenses and unlimited support/updates).


Who Should Use This Plugin?

If you’re looking for a plugin you can install, configure, and then leave to run mostly on its own, this is a great choice. Additionally, WP Rich Snippets has an amazing support team, so as soon as you encounter a problem, you’ll receive immediate help.


In Conclusion

Schema plugins analysis for wordpress (2)

Click the image to view the sheet and create a copy for yourself.


Download this Free Worksheet

When all is said and done, we stand with the many, many websites that recommend Schema App as the top standalone schema plugin app for WordPress. Schema App is the ideal choice for support, training, and implementation of schema with industry-renowned CEO Martha Van Berkle. 

It’s scalable for large sites and is equipped with a ton of awesome features. It’s pretty much the go-to for the average WP website owner, but having said that, it never hurts to assess the other options out there. 

If you’re struggling to decide which plugin will work best for your business, or you have further questions on schemas and SEO, don’t hesitate to reach out. At Foxxr Digital Marketing, we’re always keeping up with the latest news on rich snippets and WordPress. We’d be happy to steer you in the right direction.

 Give us a call today at 727-379-2207 or reach out online. The Foxxr team looks forward to hearing from you! 

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