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How Many Google My Business Categories You Should Choose?

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Selecting the most appropriate and the most relevant category for your business in Google My Business Listing is very crucial. If you have not selected the right category for your business, it is very likely that Google will not show you up in the Search Results for the relevant user queries and needless to say, you will lose on some valuable customers and revenue.

Sometimes, it’s easier for you to decide, for which category you would like to go and sometimes it’s not. What we would recommend is, don’t just hit and trial. Don’t guess. Use various tools to research for the right categories for your business, enter them in your GMB Listing, and enjoy the perks of selecting the right ones for your business. One such cool tool we recommend to use for Category Research is Pleper. Just enter your business and the keyword you want to rank for, and it will list out the possible categories based on what competitors are using.

When it comes to how many categories you should select, there have been many views. Going with the findings of a test carried out by the team of Sterling Sky in January 2019, it has been found out that having too many related categories don’t have a negative impact on rankings.