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Irvine Mold Inspection Experts' SEO and Content Drives 4,155 Leads & $4.11 M in Conversion Value

Through Foxxr's Local SEO Plan and Content Marketing, Guaranteed Property & Mold Inspections (GPMI) achieved remarkable results in their digital marketing efforts, driving significant traffic and revenue growth.

12 Months Overview


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$4.11 M

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Gpinspect case study

About Guaranteed Property & Mold Inspections

Guaranteed Property & Mold Inspections (GPMI) has been providing Environmental and Mold Testing, Residential and Commercial Property Inspections, and Expert Witness Consultation for over 22 years in Orange County, California, as well as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, San Fernando, and Riverside County.

The Challenges

The team at GPMI faced challenges in increasing their online presence and organic traffic without relying too much on paid advertisements. They needed a strong SEO strategy to enhance visibility and attract leads.


Here we will discuss the strategies that took place from the start to the end of the case study.

Keyword Research

We started by creating a list of high-volume keywords based on research relevant to our client’s business. We also checked competitors’ sites to see what keywords they were targeting. Afterward, we ran the batch analysis and added top keywords to our list.

The primary target keywords we focused on included:

  • Mold Inspection
  • Mold Testing
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Home Inspection


Instead of investing in traditional PPC campaigns, GPMI opted for a remarketing strategy. This decision was driven by the need to re-engage previous visitors who had shown interest but had not converted.

By using remarketing techniques, we were able to display retargeted ads to these potential clients as they browse other websites, encouraging them to return and complete their inquiries.

This strategy proved cost-effective and highly efficient in converting leads without needing a large ad budget.

Local SEO and Local Listings Strategy

As the nature of the business is hybrid, we got access to the business’s GBP and entered the top targeted cities in the listing. After gaining access to the GBP listing of the business, we took the following actions:

  • Optimized the GBP listing with all the relevant business details.
  • Created a product showcase in the GBP dashboard.
  • As per local listings, we created and enhanced the presence of businesses on listings like Yelp and Nextdoor by gathering customer reviews.
  • To increase authority, we created listings on industry-relevant websites like Houzz, Home Advisor, BuildZoom, Contractors, etc.
  • We advised the client to get a subscription to Company Cam, a photo documentation app for contractors. We used the platform to get the latest photos from the project recently completed by the client to upload to their Google Business Profile.
  • We advised the client to get certifications and take memberships in various industry-related associations, which helped them build tremendous authority for their brand.
  • We helped the client cover important events, for example, California fires, on their website to bring relevant traffic to their website.
  • Review management was one of the most important strategies we worked on, and it helped them rank better in their target service areas.
  • As a result of all these efforts, the business is dominating its competitors in terms of money keywords in their wide target areas.

Technical SEO

A comprehensive site audit addressed technical issues affecting GPMI’s site performance. We focused on improving mobile usability and enhancing Core Web Vitals, essential for user experience and search ranking. We ensured that the site met Google's performance standards by addressing issues related to loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability. Additionally, we implemented structured FAQs to enhance search engine results and provide users with quick, valuable information.

SEO-Content Strategy

We developed and executed a robust content strategy focused on relevant industry topics. Each post was created based on thorough keyword research to ensure it attracted the right audience. Additionally, we distributed this content via social media, Gooogle Business Profile posts, and forums to expand its reach and drive more traffic to the GPMI website.


GPMI's success demonstrates the effectiveness of tailored SEO strategies in driving organic growth and revenue without relying on paid advertisements. Their significant increase in traffic and revenue showcases the potential of robust SEO practices, particularly when combined with high-quality content. Creating and promoting valuable, relevant content has been instrumental in attracting and retaining a targeted audience, ultimately contributing to GPMI's impressive growth.

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