Holiday Social Media Do’s and Don’ts


holiday social media do's and don'ts

Holiday bells are ringing and Christmas carols are filling the cold winter nights. It’s that time of the year again when everybody is jolly and a bit more nice. It’s also the time of the year when you can put to good use various techniques to get more interaction from your followers. As a matter of fact, the holidays sort of activate a feeding frenzy for businesses because people get a bit loose with their money during the holidays. This is why they tend to easily make mistakes in their social media campaigns.
Take the 2012 Christmas PR campaign from Starbucks. What started as a way to interact with their customers by sharing their Starbucks experience on Twitter with the #spreadthecheer hashtag. Starbucks got something different than what they expected. Instead of getting stories of love, fun, or friendship they got tweets that reflected how some people felt about the then issue of big companies and their methods of evading taxes. Due to lack of moderation, negative tweets were shown for the public to see on a big screen at the National History Museum.

The Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts list for Holiday Social Media Campaigns

But hey! It’s not all that bad. Most of the holiday social media campaigns we see actually work but a lot of them can even do better. So to help you out for the holiday, we will be showing tips on how you can craft the best holiday social media campaign for your business.

Do: Keep a Holiday Theme

social media theme

Keeping a holiday theme should be an obvious call for all business (if you celebrate it of course). Running a holiday theme won’t just be you putting in holiday lights or using the holiday colors but you should keep a whole holiday campaign in place. This will give the signal to your followers that the holiday season has started. Oh and don’t just rely on colors or Santa Claus for the theme. Remember that you should come up with a theme that carries your brand message.

Don’t: Use the Holidays to Sell More

Dont Use the Holidays to Sell More

When you are a businessman, the first thing that comes up in your head every time you hear the words “Christmas” or “The Holidays” is profit. I get that. But remember that the holidays is a special time of the year for your customers so the last thing they would want to hear would be that their brand of choice decided to milk out the holidays for more profit. So be careful with your message, imagery, and metaphors for your business marketing campaigns. Be a bit more sensitive to your target market and always be aware of how they react to your holiday campaign. To be on the safe side, just focus more on brand awareness instead of sales messaging as much as possible.

Do: Check Your Posting Schedules

Check Your Posting Schedules

During the weeks of the holidays, don’t expect too much engagement as people will be a bit busy with preparations. But this does not mean you should stop posting. Adjust your posting schedule so that your message won’t interfere so much with your customer’s extra busy schedule. Remember that the holidays is a time where your customers will focus on their families so you don’t really want to get in between that.

Don’t: Disregard Your Current Customers

A lot of businesses make the mistake of focusing too much on the holiday rush that they forget that they still have their regular customers. They miss the perfect opportunity to actually give thanks to their loyal customers. There are a good number of ways to do this but the following can be done:

  • Share customer stories on your social media channels.
  • Provide a customer-only preview and promotions across all the channels.
  • Invite your loyal customers to exclusive events on Facebook.

Do: Run Contests or Giveaways

Run Contests or Giveaways

The holidays is the time for giving, right? So why not give something to your loyal customers? Running a giveaways might just be the best thing you can do for your business for the holiday. A thing to remember though, make sure that your prize is something worth shareable but not too generic that you will gain new followers that will never really buy anything from you.

Don’t: Overload your Channels with Company Photos

Dont- Overload your Channels with Company Photos

Everybody celebrates the season including your brand so posting and updating your social channel about company celebrations is OK but don’t overdo it. Posting a photo or two is fine but creating a live feed of hourly photos might be too much. Sharing too much might backfire and can cause a torrent of negative comments for businesses who have had issues in the past.

Do: Feature Your Customers

While I did mention above that posting updates about your company escapades should be kept on the minimum, showing how your customers are having fun is fair game. Monitor your mentions across all social media channels and show the world how your customers are spending their holidays. It’s best if you choose photos that showcase your product or service for brand recognition.

The best holiday social media campaigns only have one thing in common with each other – they focus and give thanks to their customers. The holidays might be the time when businesses get more conversions that usual but don’t forget that your customers should always be your number one priority as a business.

If you need any help with your holiday social media campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact the experts. Better safe than sorry!

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