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What Is Website Maintenance?

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Our website maintenance plan is included with all Local SEO Packages. It’s important for each of our customers that their website is updated and secure. Foxxr’s Health and maintenance service ensures your website is optimized so you can focus on your business and let us take care of the technical stuff.

Reliable Backups
Your WordPress data is really valuable — you’re only a moment away from complete disaster. At Foxxr, we make sure you do it right! We perform a full daily backup on your website and store it securely online.

Theme and Plugin Updates
We monitor which websites have themes and plugins that need updating and perform these updates on a daily basis.

Uptime Monitoring
With our premium uptime monitoring tools, you’ll ensure that your WordPress website will continue to run smoothly so that your business can continue to function at full capacity. But if something does go wrong, you’ll be the first to know.

Traffic Alerts
We keep you in the loop if someone prominent linked to you or your latest post has gone viral. If your website is being attacked by spam bots, we’ll know and take care of it. With our powerful alerts tool, we can to monitor traffic spikes and you can take advantage of great opportunities.