Social Media Marketing the Right Way: Top Hacks to Own Social Media

Social Media Marketing the Right Way
A lot of Internet Marketers I have talked to all have one thing to say about Social Media:

“There is no escaping it.”

That may sound like a chapter heading from a Stephen King novel but it’s actually mentioned in jest. In jest mostly because there was a time when most Internet Marketers believed that social media would stay only as a platform where people will share pictures of their cats. Back then, there was no real reason why businesses would even consider expending resources for social media marketing. Then social media marketing happened.

Consider these facts about social media today:

  • A third of all Internet users are social media users as well (2 billion).
  • In a survey, 96% of entrepreneurs claim they use social media. Out of that number 92% agree or strongly agree with the statement “Social media marketing is important for my business.”.
  • 78% of the respondents in a survey claim that a brand’s posts on social media impact their purchases.
  • Studies shows that although social media may not affect or stimulate click-throughs and conversions, it still helps shape the opinions and decisions of customers and therefore leads to a purchase.

But now, it’s considered as one of the top priorities for businesses. Not only does it serve as an entry point for new customers but it’s also a means to interact and cultivate the already loyal ones. But now that everybody is doing it, you have to go over and beyond the usual “post once or twice a day” routine. If you want to get ahead, you need to be efficient in your campaigns. So to help you out, we will be providing you a few social media marketing hacks you can use to make social media management easier but more effective.

Top social media marketing hacks

Batching Your Social Media Posts


There is a ton of social media tools available now. Choose one that works for your budget and social media needs. Come up with various post ideas all at once and schedule all these posts across a longer period of time, for example, a week or a month. Scheduling will make it easier for you not to go back every hour and look for a content to share. A great schedule is a compilation of carefully planned social media posts with a space for real time updates and fresh news or posts that you can add when needed.

Know and Understand the Goals that You Want to Accomplish with Your Social Media Efforts

There is a popular saying in business, “You can’t grow what you can’t measure.” Know what you are trying to reach on social media and set metrics to measure how you are progressing. Here are some of the top reasons why businesses are in social media: -To gain followers for your brand -To drive leads and traffic to your website and landing pages -To build relationships with current customers or influencers in your niche Set measurable and attainable goals, and use monitoring tools to check your progress. This will help you make key decisions on your social media efforts.

Narrow Your Focus and Save Time.

Social media can easily be overwhelming. It can be viewed as a time killer for the general public, however, this is not the case for businesses. Each social media channel has its own demographic and your business doesn’t have to be on all of them. Make your research on which social media channels match the audience that you want to target for your business and the type of content that you want to share. Know which top keywords people in your niche are using to connect and search on social media. Find out what top brands and what competitors are doing in your niche and check what is working and not working for them. Adapt the strategies that work for your business and measure which strategies will work for your audience.

Create the Calendar or be Ready for the Consequences

Socialdraft Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar or schedule is necessary if you want to grow your business. Calendars can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. Consistency is the most important factor in social media and calendars can help you keep track of your posts and easily track your results.

Monitor Mentions with Tools.

Social Media listening is very essential nowadays. What are people saying about your brand? Are people saying positive things about you? Are there any complaints? Are some people trying to connect with you? The best social media scheduling tools have their own monitoring. This will make sure you are always on top on what people are saying about you on social media.

Use Templates

Whether you have a visual strategy for your posts, or if you have a recipe or style on your posting, keeping templates will make the posting, easy and faster. A lot of the social media posts are repetitive, and if you or your team has visuals or posts headlines that are ready to be used. These can lessen the time you spend creating the posts. If you need social media graphic templates, Canva has a growing popularity for this.

Social media can be overwhelming, and it is not beneficial to join the buzz and wander aimlessly. Set goals and measure your efforts, and consistently adopt the ones that work and drop the ones that don’t. How about you? Do you have any social media hack you can share with us?

Brian Childers

Brian Childers is the Founder & CEO of Foxxr Digital Marketing, based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Childers leads a team of digital marketing experts with specialties in; Web Design, Local & National SEO, Paid Search Management, Link Building, Content Marketing, and Social Media to help clients attract an insane amount leads and revenue. Follow Brian on Twitter