Website Design or Functionality. Which Comes First?

One of the challenges we face with many new website design projects here in St. Petersburg is to involve our clients in our initial stages of research and reporting. Many people tend to be initially focused on the design aspect of a website rather than functionality and the primary needs of the customer.

A solid web development plan will place initial emphasis on:

  • What makes the business money
  • Who are their customers
  • How they think and react
  • Performing keyword research ahead of time
  • Setting up navigation and architecture

If these essential components are overlooked, website projects will almost always start on design and decoration of the website rather than building the website. This process would rarely meet the business objectives of the company.

Engage and Convert

If you are involved in a website design project, your initial focus should be more on functionality. Think about what makes you money as a company, then develop a website focused on meeting the needs of the business which, in most cases, is being profitable. Work on the functional elements of how to engage and convert your audience. Get them to do what you want them to do, so you can make money with the site.


Build the House First

After those steps are complete, then you can move on to “decorate the house”, put on the window dressings and all of the things that make it pretty.

Just remember that your site has to be functional with the primary goal of benefiting the business with additional sales, leads and profit. In other words, build the house before you decorated it.

Brian Childers

Brian Childers is the Founder & CEO of Foxxr, a digital marketing agency based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Childers leads a team of digital marketing experts with specialties in; Web Design, Local & National SEO, Paid Search Management, Link Building, Content Marketing, and Social Media to help clients attract an insane amount leads and revenue. Follow Brian on Twitter

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