The Long and Arduous Epic Story of the Hero Image-1

The Long and Arduous Epic Story of the Hero Image

By Brian Childers / July 16, 2019

A little bit of trivia for guys out there who are wondering why hero images are called as such. The term “hero” was first used in the world of theater and it was the prop (it’s usually called the hero prop) that is more detailed than usual because it’s meant to be seen or viewed…

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Foxxr Digital Marketing Rolls Out Ad Hoc Website Changes & Repair Service

By Brian Childers / July 4, 2017

  In an effort to better serve local businesses and clients not participating on Foxxr Digital Marketing’s monthly SEO plans, we created a new department for quick website fixes, repairs, and maintenance. Our new team of highly skilled developers typically turn around requests in 3-10 business days at a very affordable rate of $75 per…

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15 Web Designs Basics that Will Convert Readers into Leads

15 Web Design Basics that Will Convert Readers into Leads

By Brian Childers / December 21, 2016

SEO campaigns, social media marketing, and a plethora of other elements of a strong online presence are constantly competing for the attention and the investment dollars of online businesses, but optimizing your website remains the core to creating a high conversion rate. Optimal web design is often thought of almost exclusively in terms of aesthetics,…

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Make Your Website Landing Pages Stand Out and Convert

Make Your Website Landing Pages Stand Out and Convert

By Brian Childers / November 15, 2016

A high-performance landing page is the crucial link between your paid and organic search ads and your business’ website. By equipping your website with the best converting landing pages, you greatly increase your visitor traffic and your overall sales. Below, we list 11 landing page conversion tips, gleaned from numerous successful landing page examples. Use…

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High Bounce Rate Optimization

Understanding Your Website Bounce Rate and How to Lower It

By Brian Childers / October 26, 2016

One of the most troubling problems to many website owners is a persistently high bounce rate. A “bounce rate” is simply a measurement of how often those who visit your website leave as single-page viewers. Or, if we are measuring bounce rate for a particular web page, then bounce rate is how often visits to…

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WordPress Best CMS for Small Business Website

Why WordPress is the Best CMS for Small Business Website Development

By Brian Childers / August 25, 2016

The Popularity of WordPress WordPress has been soaring in popularity as a small business CMS (Content Management System) over the last 10 years or more, and though originally designed with blog sites specifically in mind, it has now become the top Web-content management software for non-blogging websites as well. Many will naturally ask such questions…

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