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Generated 2,049 Leads & $645K in Conversion Value in 12 months

The client signed up for a Local SEO Plan with Content Marketing and Email Marketing. The focus was to maintain their website's search rankings, improve their traffic, and generate more leads.

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About GreenWorks Environmental, LLC

GreenWorks is a New Jersey family-owned business that identifies with the home environmental challenges faced by most homeowners, such as mold, moisture, odor, and air quality.

The Challenges

The New Jersey mold industry is one of the most competitive and expensive online markets to take on.  GreenWorks Environmental needed a way to effectively target homeowners in a "post-hurricane Sandy" world. Foxxr Digital Marketing's challenge was to redesign its website, produce quality content that attracts visitors and satisfies SEO requirements, and implement local ranking strategies.

“From helping you focus on your core strengths and developing a comprehensive web strategy to timely implementation, FOXXR makes it ohhhh so easssy!

You not only excel with your web presence but can dominate it!”

Victor Coppola

Founder / Owner of GreenWorks Environmental, LLC


Here we will discuss the strategies that took place from the start to the end of the case study.

Keyword Research

We started by creating a list of high-volume keywords based on research relevant to our client’s business. We also checked competitors’ sites to see what keywords they were targeting. Afterward, we ran the batch analysis and added top keywords to our list.

The primary target keywords we focused on included:

  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Remediation
  • Mold Inspection
  • Mold Testing
  • Air Quality Testing

Local SEO and Local Listings Strategy

As the nature of the business is hybrid, we got access to the business’s GBP and entered the top targeted cities in the listing. After gaining access to the GBP listing of the business, we took the following actions:

  • Optimized the GBP listing with all the relevant business details.
  • Created a product showcase in the GBP dashboard.
  • As per local listings, we created and enhanced the presence of businesses on the listings like Yelp and Nextdoor by gathering customer reviews.
  • To increase authority, we created listings on industry-relevant websites like Houzz, Home Advisor, BuildZoom, Contractors, etc.
  • We advised the client to get a subscription to Company Cam, a photo documentation app for contractors. We used the platform to get the latest photos from the project recently completed by the client to upload to their Google Business Profile.

Technical SEO

For technical SEO, we ran the site audit in the Ahrefs and agency analytics and fixed the errors. Then, we fixed the mobile usability issues in the GSC to make Greenworks' website user-friendly. After that, our team worked to improve the core web vitals, analyzed the location pages, and added FAQs.

This involved creating new goals in Google Analytics to track hard goals only - and adding filters to include only USA traffic.

SEO-Content Strategy

We focused on creating at least one blog post per month for our content strategy. The blog posts were around 1200 -2000 words and were based on extensive keyword research. We promoted these blog posts via Facebook posts and Email Newsletter Marketing to drive traffic to the website.


By optimizing GreenWorks Environmental's local listings, enhancing their Google Business Profile (GBP), showcasing services, collecting customer reviews on Yelp and Nextdoor, and securing industry-related website listings. We also ensured the website's technical SEO was consistent through monthly site audits, improved mobile usability, and enhanced core web vitals while keeping up with the targeted goals in GA4. Moreover, their SEO-content strategy included creating and promoting monthly, research-based blog posts of 1200-2000 words through Facebook Ads and Email Newsletter Marketing to increase website traffic.

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