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The Challenge

GreenWorks is a New Jersey family-owned business that identifies with the home environmental challenges faced by most homeowners such as mold, moisture, odor, and air quality.

The New Jersey mold industry is one of the most competitive and expensive online markets to take on.  GreenWorks Environmental needed a way to effectively target homeowners in a "post-hurricane Sandy" world. Foxxr Digital Marketing's challenge was to redesign its website, produce quality content that attracts visitors and satisfies SEO requirements, and implement local ranking strategies.

The Solution

The experts at Foxxr Digital Marketing put together a strategic plan to optimize GreenWorks's appearance through many digital marketing channels.

From the paid search channel, we faced an increasing amount of click spam from "not so ethical" competitors. By identifying and stopping this threat, we were able to gain a significant number of leads month after month.

Our organic SEO team faced different challenges. We needed to ensure our links were clean and reputable to help with our website authority. By combining traditional Web 2.0 link strategies with PR, guest blogging, link spam cleanup, and content marketing, website optimization and dozens of other secret strategies at Foxxr Digital Marketing, we were able to build trust with Google. Google likes GreenWork's website and he now ranks the first page for over 300 intent keywords (with volume) and first position ranking for 140 of those 300.

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The Outcome

Last Year, GreenWorks has been dominating the environmental industry with top organic and paid positions for many of the top revenue-generating keywords! As a result, we are seeing an increasing number of leads, conversions, and most importantly, revenue!

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"I have found that comprehending the SEO cosmos is akin to a Chimp being shot into space (where I'm the Chimp!). With Foxxr Digital Marketing running Mission Control, they make it ohhhh so easssy!.

From helping you focus on your core strengths and developing a comprehensive web strategy to timely implementation with all the "Bells & Whistles" you not only excel with your web presence but can dominate it!. When's the last time you got those types of results? When's the last time your competitors called wanting to know WTF are you doing with your web site! Me too, never! Not until Foxxr Digital Marketing !!

If you're like me, you won't give this post much merit and continue flounder for years with your on-line presence, kidding yourself that you have it all "figured out". But if I connected with you on any level, then that's Karma and you have to give Brian a call at Foxxr Digital Marketing and find out for yourself."

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