Why WordPress is the Best CMS for Small Business Website Development


WordPress Best CMS for Small Business Website

The Popularity of WordPress

WordPress has been soaring in popularity as a small business CMS (Content Management System) over the last 10 years or more, and though originally designed with blog sites specifically in mind, it has now become the top Web-content management software for non-blogging websites as well.

Many will naturally ask such questions as “What are the reasons for the popularity of WordPress Web design?” and “Why do so many small businesses choose WordPress over their other options?” Below, we attempt to answer these queries by highlighting 12 WordPress Web design features that are driving its status as the leading CMS platform in the modern market.

1. WordPress is Perfect for Website Redesign.Responsive Design St. Petersburg

The flexibility and compatibility of WordPress make it simple, convenient, and affordable to redesign an existing Website. This is crucial since business websites need to grow and change with the businesses themselves.

2. WordPress Web Design Allows for Full Customization.

When you design using WordPress, you are put in full control over future updates and changes, and you can brand your Web pages to your exact specifications. There are literally thousands of themes, templates, and plug-ins to choose from, which can be custom-selected to uniquely, fully, and accurately express what your brand is all about.

3. You Can Easily Add a Blog and Keep it Active Using the WordPress CMS.

Blogging capabilities are integrated into the basic WordPress platform, making it fast and simple to run a blog. You can even set up an RSS feed, auto-post recent blogs to your home page, enable email subscriptions to your blog, allow readers to leave comments. WordPress makes blog management fast, simple, and high-tech.

4. WordPress is Virtually Synonymous with “Scalability.”

With WordPress, there is no need to immediately purchase all the elements you eventually want on your small business website. You can begin as basic or advanced as you wish and then add new plug-ins and functionalities as desired.

5. The WordPress Interface is The Epitome of “User-Friendly.”

There is no need to be a professional Web designer to make simple updates on a WordPress website, for adding new pages, posts, and images is easy and takes only a few seconds. The interface is highly “intuitive,” lessening the learning curve tremendously and saving you valuable time. Additionally, because WordPress is a browser-based system, you can manage your website from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

6. WordPress is Exceptionally “Search-Engine Friendly.”

Using WordPress helps drive more traffic to your site through integrated SEO strategies. First, a very simple code is used that is easier for search engines to read/index. Second, you can add meta tags, keyword phrases, descriptions, titles, and more to every webpage, blog post, and image on your site. The end result is your website content is easily digested by search engines and accurately portrayed to Web searchers.

7. Your Website Will be Automatically Kept Secure.

WordPress In-House SecurityWordPress updates itself automatically, including its security features, which keeps you constantly abreast of the latest safeguards against online spies, thieves, and viruses.

8. WordPress Assists You with In-House Security as Well.

WordPress allows you to permit multiple users/administrators for your website. But to keep things organized and secure, WordPress also lets you designate “access levels” and “procedure restrictions” that keep you in control of who sees your information and what they do with it.

9. No HTML-editing/FTP Software is Needed with WordPress.

As WordPress is a fully functioning system in its own right, you do not need (as with some other CMS platforms) to use extra, outside software to enable functions like text formatting, image/document uploads, image editing, creation of picture galleries, or integration of video content.

10. Web Developers Love WordPress.

When it comes time to hire a professional web developer to handle a major website redesign or to solve a problem you can’t handle on your own, the fact that WordPress uses standard coding will make it easy to find the help you need.                                                                                                                                                                                 

11. WordPress Web Design is Fast.

WordPress’s internal setup makes it possible to be coded faster, without compromising on quality, than is possible with fully hand-coded websites. This means fewer downtime waiting for Web design or redesign.

12. WordPress Web Design is Affordable.

Since most of the basic, essential WordPress plug-ins are free and many of the more advanced plug-ins are relatively inexpensive, WordPress Web design is as affordable as it is advantageous.

To learn more about WordPress Web design or to avail your business of an experienced WordPress Web developer, contact us at Foxxr today by filling out our online form. Foxxr specializes in WordPress Web design services and can custom-build or fully redesign your business’ website in a way that uniquely expresses your brand and optimally identifies with your online visitors.

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